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Sarah Rowland



New York-based experimental folk act Akron Family have recently seen the departure of a founding member and also left their label, Young God. Multi-instrumentalist Seth Olinsky speaks to Sarah Johnson about these changes, which are reflected on the band's new 'Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free' album

Joe Gideon and the Shark
Rose Kemp
Wos Vs Pussyfoot

Sarah Johnson speaks to Joe Gideon from London-based duo and former Pennyblackmusic Bands Night band Joe Gideon and the Shark about his group's long awaited debut album, 'Harum Scarum'
In a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Rose Kemp Rose Kemp speaks to Sarah Johnson about her just released third album, 'Unholy Majesty', which has come out on One Little Indian, and the procs and cons of being a professional musician in internet culture
The Ruby Suns were started in a basement studio in Auckland and make indie pop with a big sound and involving strings and brass. Sarah Johnson speaks to frontman Ryan McPhun about the group's fluctuating line-up and 'Sea Lion', its just released second album

Ida Maria

In our third interview with them, Sarah Johnson speaks to William Jones from durable indie pop group Friends about the band's just released ninth album, 'Spangleland', and recent return to live work after an absence of nearly 15 years
Swedish singer-songwriter Ida Maria has attracting rave reviews from the music press. Sarah Johnson speaks to her about her debut single 'Oh My God', growing up in the remote and isolated town of Nesna and her explosive live shows which recently resulted in her breaking a rib on stage
One of the rising bands of the alt. folk scene, Akron/family have recently released their fourth album, 'Love is Simple', on Michael Gira's Young God label to much acclaim. Sarah Johnson speaks to band members Ryan Vanderhoof and Seth Olinsky about it
Post rockers Mogwai are currently working on their sixth album which will be released next year. Sarah Johnson speaks to the group's leader Stuart Braithwaite about it and the group's strong Glaswegian roots

P.G. Six

Carlisle-born singer Rose Kemp has recently released her third album through One Little Indian. Sarah Johnson speaks to her outside a gig at the Brixton Windmill and they witness a robbery
Sarah Johnson chats to German/British duo and recent Domino signing Psaap about their offbeat recording methods and 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted', their new album
All girl Glaswegian group describe their sound as the modern love child of the Foo Fighters and Joan Jett, godfathered by Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Guitarist Rosie and new bassist Gill talk to Sarah Johnson about their debut album '1 More Won't Kill Us' and their punishing tour schedule
Sarah Johnson chats to Pam Berry, the former front woman with indie pop cult acts Black Tambourine, Glo-worm and the Castaway Stones, about her career and her current band the Pines recent compilation, 'It's Been a While'

Good Shoes
Great Leap Forward
Lisa Germano

Rising stars of the South London music scene, Good Shoes' self-professed shed rehearsed music has been getting rave reviews. Frontman Rhys Jones chats to Sarah Johnson about being signed tgo EMI offfshoot Brille Records and the recording of the band's debut album which will be out early next year
Welsh band Songdog take the old legends from the folk/country era and up-date them with their own brand of raw emotional lyrics. Sarah Johnson chats to singer Lyndon Morgans about songwriting and the band's new album ‘The Time Of Summer Lightning'
One of America's most unorthodox singer-songwriters and the veteran of eight albums, Lisa Germano talks to Sarah Johnson about her haunting new album 'In the Maybe World'
One of London’s most original sounding bands, electro folk act the Shortwave Set use home made instruments and have recently toured with Goldfrapp. Sarah Johnson talks to Andrew Pettitt about the band's debut album, 'The Debt Collection'



Filmmaker and former Pennyblackmusic writer Sarah Rowland writes about her new film documentary about this site, '20 Years of Pennyblackmusic', which has been released to coincide with our recent twentieth anniversary.

Marvin Gaye
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sarah Johnson examines the 40th anniversary box set of Marvin Gaye's 1971 classic 'What's Going On' album
Sarah Johnsos is in the audience for the making of the first programme in new Channel 4 music proramme, 'Evo Music Room'
Sarah Johnson looks back upon and assessses the history to date of New York punk trio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who have just released their third album, 'It's Blitz'
Now seven years old, the Pickled Egg label has just put out its fiftieth release. Label boss Nigel Turner talks to Sarah Johnson about its history and why we need labels like Pickled Egg.

Live Reviews

Broken Social Scene
Joe Gideon and the Shark

In an evening that involved show-stealing audience participation, Sarah Johnson at the HMV Forum in London watches Canadian group Broken Social Scene play an extensive and riveting set of indie rock
Despite having recently lost founder member Ryan Vanderhoof and now being reduced to a three piece, Sarah Johnson at the London ICA finds New York experimental folk act Akron/Family having lost none of their spontaneity, but also having an increased tightness
At a homecoming gig at the Borderline in London at the end of a British tour to promote their debut album 'Harum Scarum', Sarah Johnson watches sibling duo Joe Gideon and the Shark completely amaze their audience with their unique brand of alternative rock

Favourite Albums

Liz Phair
Gary Numan And Tubeway Army

In our 'Re:View' section in which writers look back at albums from the past, Sarah Johnson reflects on Jay-Z's 2001 rap breakthrough album, 'The Blueprint'
In our Re : View series, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Sarah Johnson examines Liz Phair's emotive 1993 debut album, 'Exile in Guyville', which has recently been re-issued with extra tracks and a documentary DVD
In the latest in our Re : View series, in which our writers examine albums from the past, Sarah Johnson looks at Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army' seminal electronic masterpiece, 'Replicas', which has has just been re-released in a double CD 30th anniversary edition


Soundtrack of Our Lives

Soundtrack of Our Lives

In our regular 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' column, in which our writers describe about the personal impact of music in their lives, Sarah Johnson writes about discovering Alanis Morissette as a 12 year old shortly after its release in 1995 and its continued effect on her
In the latest in our 'Soundtrack to Our Lives' series, in which our writers write about the personal impact of music in their lives, Sarah Johnston tells of listening to Snow Patrol at the time of her parents' seperation and marriage break-up

Cat Power

Aaron Brown finds New York punk band the Casualties' DVD of their recent tour of Mexico and Japan shoddy, but fascinating
Sarah Johnston examines Moby's new live DVD, which was filmed at at a venue in Belgium and features footage from a tour to promote his recent 'Hotel' album
The John Peel tribute day on October 13th met with an overwhelming national response. Various Pennyblackmusic writers look at a few of the highlights and give some thoughts on the day
The Supremes were one of the biggest girl groups of the 60's, but the beginning and end of their story was laced with tragedy, lost friendships, law suits and death. Sarah Johnson reflects upon their sad history


Joker's Daughter
Joe Gideon and the Shark

Upbeat 70s and 80s disco-influenced fifth album from the ever fluctuating and changing Goldfrapp
Distinctive-sounding debut album from Joker's Daughter, the folk project of vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Helene Costas, and which features production work from Danger Mouse
Enjoyable second single from Brighton-based twee-folk act, Foxes!
Consistently inventive and atmospheric debut album from London-based duo Joe Gideon and the Shark, which captures all the energy and power of their live shows

Ida Maria
Gregory and the Hawk
Spinto Band
Rose Kemp

Overly hasty re-release, which despite extra songs and a different track order, proves largely unnecessary of Swedish songwriter Ida Maria's energetic debut album from last year
Alluring and unique folk rock on new album from Gregory and the Hawk, the project of New York-based singer songwriter Meredith Godreau
Catchy second album from acclaimed American indie pop group the Spinto Band, which lives up to the expectations generated by their first album
Intense, but innovative third album from Cumbria-born singer-songwriter Rose Kemp, whose eclectic range of influences on it expand from Regina Spektor to Vashti Bunyan, Led Zeppelin to Tool and PJ Harvey to Rage Against The Machine, and which proves to be her most exprimental album to date

Ida Maria
Ruby Suns

Energetic, decepetively throwaway latest single from Swedish singer-songwriter, Ida Maria
Impressive fourth album from Goldfrapp, which finds the duo moving away from the dance electronica and ambience of the past and experimenting with an acoustic and indie folk sound
Stunning change of direction on new pop folk-influenced single, the first from their new album, for Goldfrapp
Stunning second album from New Zealand three piece the Ruby Suns, who make orchestral music with a breezy sound and quirky lyrics

Some Velvet Morning
Mr Hudson and the Library
Hermit Crabs

Catchy and quirky indiepop on reissue of 2005 debut album from British/German electronic duo, Psaap
Fine first single from their forthcoming debut album for London guitar trio Some Velvet Morning, who are reminiscent of the Police and Franz Ferdinand
Outstanding debut album from rising and offbeat new group Mr Hudson and the Library which takes 1940's influences and gives them a unique contemporary twist
Unappealing indiepop on debut EP from new Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

Fulborn Teversham
Ian Fays
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Quirky and impossible-to-classify indie rock from Fulborn Teversham, the latest Pickled Egg label signing
Fun throwaway pop on debut album from American group Fallopian who hint at deeper depths
Unusual, but brilliant mix of whispering vocals and happy Casio style keyboard tunes on debut album from Californian group, the Ian Fays
Distinctive debut album from stand out French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of the infamous singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and acrtess and singer Jane Birkin

Pacific Ocean Fire
Unit Ama

Bright sing-a-long Americana on second album from the Leicester-based Pacific Ocean Fire, who draw comparisons with both the Broken Family Band and the Akron/Family
Slow-burning, but eclectic indie rock from East London-based collective Now who fuse together elements of krautrock, jazz, lo-fi and synth pop
Earthy and lawless-sounding debut album from rough-edged Newcastle Trio, the Unit Ama
Strong three disc 40 song collection of rare and unreleased tracks from Yellow6, the solo project of British-based ambient musician and experimentalist, Jon Attwood

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