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Ruby Suns - Sea Lion

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 7 / 3 / 2008

Ruby Suns - Sea Lion
Label: Memphis Industries
Format: CD


Stunning second album from New Zealand three piece the Ruby Suns, who make orchestral music with a breezy sound and quirky lyrics

The Ruby Suns are a three piece based in New Zealand making big orchestral pop music, with a light breezy wave of fresh sea air dancing over quirky lyrics. Founder Ryan McPhun recruited friends Amee Robinson and Imogen Taylor to play various instruments and backing vocals on the album. The feel of the album conveys the friendship between members; at times the songs sound like they are sung on a beach around a camp fire. 'There Are Birds' is a favorite from the album with sweeping lyrics, xylophone and jangly guitars. A bit of synth also gives it an 80's edge that works really well and make the song stand out from the rest of the album which feels very contemporary. 'Remember' is one song which has earned the band a lot of comparisons to the Beach Boys.The vocals are lost in the swirl of the sound and a trumpet tune carries the song along its gentle path of strings and bells. 'This Adventure' knocks up the pace slightly and has a holiday instrumental at the end of the song with gives it a bright summer feel. 'Sea Lion' is a morning stroll across grainy sands as waves lap over your toes. It promises bright weather ahead for The Ruby Suns.

Track Listing:-
1 Blue Penguin
2 Oh, Mojave
3 Tane Mahuta
4 There Are Birds
5 It's Mwangi In Front Of Me
6 Remember
7 Ole Rinka
8 Adventure Tour
9 Kenya Dig It?
10 Morning Sun

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