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Sarah Rowland - Reviews


Head First
Upbeat 70s and 80s disco-influenced fifth album from the ever fluctuating and changing Goldfrapp

Joker's Daughter

The Last Laugh
Distinctive-sounding debut album from Joker's Daughter, the folk project of vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Helene Costas, and which features production work from Danger Mouse


Who Killed Rob?
Enjoyable second single from Brighton-based twee-folk act, Foxes!

Joe Gideon and the Shark

Harum Scarum
Consistently inventive and atmospheric debut album from London-based duo Joe Gideon and the Shark, which captures all the energy and power of their live shows

Ida Maria

Fortress Round My Heart
Overly hasty re-release, which despite extra songs and a different track order, proves largely unnecessary of Swedish songwriter Ida Maria's energetic debut album from last year

Gregory and the Hawk

Moenie and Kitchi
Alluring and unique folk rock on new album from Gregory and the Hawk, the project of New York-based singer songwriter Meredith Godreau

Spinto Band

Catchy second album from acclaimed American indie pop group the Spinto Band, which lives up to the expectations generated by their first album

Rose Kemp

Unholy Majesty
Intense, but innovative third album from Cumbria-born singer-songwriter Rose Kemp, whose eclectic range of influences on it expand from Regina Spektor to Vashti Bunyan, Led Zeppelin to Tool and PJ Harvey to Rage Against The Machine, and which proves to be her most exprimental album to date

Ida Maria

Queen of the World
Energetic, decepetively throwaway latest single from Swedish singer-songwriter, Ida Maria


Seventh Tree
Impressive fourth album from Goldfrapp, which finds the duo moving away from the dance electronica and ambience of the past and experimenting with an acoustic and indie folk sound


Stunning change of direction on new pop folk-influenced single, the first from their new album, for Goldfrapp

Ruby Suns

Sea Lion
Stunning second album from New Zealand three piece the Ruby Suns, who make orchestral music with a breezy sound and quirky lyrics


Tiger, My Friend
Catchy and quirky indiepop on reissue of 2005 debut album from British/German electronic duo, Psaap

Some Velvet Morning

Pretty Girl
Fine first single from their forthcoming debut album for London guitar trio Some Velvet Morning, who are reminiscent of the Police and Franz Ferdinand

Mr Hudson and the Library

A Tale of Two Cities
Outstanding debut album from rising and offbeat new group Mr Hudson and the Library which takes 1940's influences and gives them a unique contemporary twist

Hermit Crabs

Feel Good Factor EP
Unappealing indiepop on debut EP from new Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

Fulborn Teversham

Count Herbert II
Quirky and impossible-to-classify indie rock from Fulborn Teversham, the latest Pickled Egg label signing


Dammit, Eat Your Pudding
Fun throwaway pop on debut album from American group Fallopian who hint at deeper depths

Ian Fays

The Damon Lessons
Unusual, but brilliant mix of whispering vocals and happy Casio style keyboard tunes on debut album from Californian group, the Ian Fays

Charlotte Gainsbourg

5 : 55
Distinctive debut album from stand out French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of the infamous singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and acrtess and singer Jane Birkin

Pacific Ocean Fire

From The Station To The Church We Are Under The Same Stars
Bright sing-a-long Americana on second album from the Leicester-based Pacific Ocean Fire, who draw comparisons with both the Broken Family Band and the Akron/Family


Frisbee Hot Pot
Slow-burning, but eclectic indie rock from East London-based collective Now who fuse together elements of krautrock, jazz, lo-fi and synth pop

Unit Ama

Unit Ama
Earthy and lawless-sounding debut album from rough-edged Newcastle Trio, the Unit Ama


The Beautiful Season Has Past
Strong three disc 40 song collection of rare and unreleased tracks from Yellow6, the solo project of British-based ambient musician and experimentalist, Jon Attwood

Big Eyes Family Players

Do The Musiking
Fantastic epic-sounding collection of classically influenced instrumentals and folk music from the Big Eyes Family Players

Cat Box Quartet

Running Uphill
Strangely magnetic electronica from jovial Copenhagen-based experimentalists the Cat Box Quartet


By Chance Upon Waking
Innocent and child-like sounding experimental folk on first album from Glaswegian-based part Finnish group, Nalle

Sandy Dillon

Pull The Strings
Autiobiographical, bleak seventh album from acclaimed singer-songwriter Sandy Dillion,which tells of her battle against both cervical cancer and the MRSA virus

Tina Dico

In The Red
Strong romantic pop from Danish singer and Radio 2 favourite, Tina Dico


The Way We Wore
Intriguing, eclectic compilation album telling of war torn England, which merges together Toots and the Maytals, Rod Stewart, Patti Smith and the Clash


Runaway Ep
Dull folk rock from London-based duo Ellenby, one of whom has appeared in West End show Jesus Christ Superstar

Little Fish

Pleasing debut EP from Little Fish, the nom de plume for singer/songwriter Julia Sophie, which merges together her unusual vocal style with gentle acoustic guitarwork

Helen Boulding

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know What I Need
Well written, but slightly lacklustre new single from Helen Boulding, who, as well as being a recording artistt in her own right, has also co-written songs for Annie Lennox, Shakespear's Sister and Natalie Imbruglia


A Colores
Compelling third album from Tristeza, which combines "a predominantly post-rock sound with some subtle psychedelic and electronic influences"

Four Day Hombre

1000 Bulbs
Debut single from Leeds-based indie guitar act Four Day Hombre, who seem destined for mainstream success

Five O'Clock Heroes

White Girls
Catchy second single from half British, half American indie guitar band the Five O' Clock Heroes

Laura Veirs

Year Of Meteors
Worldly fifth album from Seattle-based singer-songwriter Laura Viers, which proves to be an intriguing combination of rock, indie pop and alt. folk


Strong debut EP from Carlisle-based Mogwai and Slint-influenced rockers Ctrlaltdelete

Binghi Ghost

Street Hits
Perfect party album from Caribbean-born, but now Californian-based reggae star Binghi Ghost

Mostly Autumn

Storms Over Still Water
Middle-of-the road at best rock from British act Mostly Autumn, totally destroyed by its appalling lyrics


Missing The Action
Polished, but ultimately empty 80's inspired dance rock from new act, Beach

Glimmer Kids

Glimmer Kids
Messy, unsatisfying debut album from LA duo the Glimmer Kids, which proves to be totally unappealing


Jar : A Pickled Egg Collection
Eclectic two disc compilation from the Leicester-based label Pickled Egg, released as its 50th release, and which compiles together some of the best tracks it has released since it first began signing bands in 1997

Hot Snakes

Peel Sessions
'Explosive combination of energetic guitar riffs and growling vocals" from the ever reliable Hot Snakes in what became the last John Peel session ever transmitted before his untimely death

Alamo Race Track

Birds At Home
Gentle yet refreshing debut album from Dutch band Alamo Race Track, which draws comparisions with Radiohead and which was inspired by front man Ralph Mulder's favourite past time of bird watching

Cortez Loop

Cortez Loop
Promising and versatile debut EP from the Cortez Loop, the nom de plume of teenage musician Alex Gordon, who seems destined for the mainstream

A Lines

A Lines
"Charged, crisp and original" all girl punk on debut album from the A-Lines, which features members of Thee Headcoatees and was produced by Billy Childish

Happy Couple

Fools In Love
Peerfect summery pop from German duo and new Matinee label signings the Happy Couple

Loved Ones

Loved Ones
Energetic, but ordinary pop-punk on debut EP from new Jade Tree signing, the Loved Ones

Charlotte Hatherley

Second single from Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherly's debut album 'Gray Will Fade', which while maintaining "the more obvious Ash sound still holds on to Charlottes own musical identity"

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