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Various - Jar : A Pickled Egg Collection

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 22 / 6 / 2005

Various - Jar : A Pickled Egg Collection
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


Eclectic two disc compilation from the Leicester-based label Pickled Egg, released as its 50th release, and which compiles together some of the best tracks it has released since it first began signing bands in 1997

Pickled Egg records have brought together an eclectic mix of music on this two-disc compilation featuring The Go Team, Daniel Johnson and 100 Pets. The Leicester based label has been signing bands since 1997 and they have selected only the best tracks from their collection. The compilation has everything from experimental electro to delicate instrumentals pulled together with a diverse group of vocalists who are both English and French-speaking. Delving into 'Jar #1', 'Show Me Your Heart' by Need New Body, has fast, catchy electric keyboard rhythms which set the pace for much of the rest of the collection and create a dark yet uplifting atmosphere. 'The New and the Better' by George takes things down a notch with soft organs and gentle lyrics giving a taste of their forth-coming album. The Go Team’s 'The Ice Storm', is a stark contrast to the summery feel of the rest of the album. The title reflects the music perfectly giving away this delicate snowflake of a song. Savoy Grand's 'The Moving Air', the last track on the first CD, continues the gentle flow of the album. It is a peaceful song with evocative lyrics complemented by beautiful violin notes. Cracking open 'Jar #2' a second helping of music-for-music-lovers ensues with the instrumental styling of Zukanican. 'Pay Never' mixes electro with a heavy bass line throwing in a few bells and whistles for good measure. The rolling piano on Butchy Fuego's Fuego 'Changing the Public’s Image of the American Optician' dances along with woodwind and string accompaniment and continues the summery feel of the surrounding tracks. The Go Team contrast their wintry ice storm with 'Get It Together'. This light and breezy tune is perfect for hot summer days. I love the track by Marshmallow Coast. 'Little Pythagoras' is a quirky folk song with distinctive lyrics and a feel good rhythm. This compilation has something for every one and should be recommended to anyone who likes music.

Track Listing:-
1 Oddfellows Casino- Road Movie
2 Need New Body- Show Me Your Heart
3 Evolution Control Committee- Rebel Without A Pause
4 Bablicon- Silicon)(Bucktown
5 Pop-Off Tuesday- Unworldly
6 Scatter- Go Down Joe Downey Pt. 2
7 L'augmentation- D Is For Dum Dum
8 Daniel Johnston And Slow Death Vs The Instant Coffin- Sinning Is Easy
9 George- The New And Better Heart
10 Hassle Hound- Hallo To The Owl
11 Big Eyes- Becherovka
12 The Go! Team- The Ice Storm
13 Farina- Just One/Still Three
14 Caruso- Spanish Boys
15 4tRECk- Pong Ping
16 100 Pets- Mountain Cheer
17 Pop-Off Tuesday- Untitled
18 Volcano The Bear- Lubbaly
19 Savoy Grand- The Moving Air
20 Bablicon- Blu Hawaii
21 Scatter- National Magic
22 Zukanican- Pay Never
23 Now- The Pump Room
24 Big Eyes- Threeleftfeet
25 Pop-Off Tuesday- 6/8 Sutra
26 Butchy Fuego- Changing The Public's Image Of The American Optician (Edit)
27 Le Bleu- La Vie Est Comme Une Fleuve
28 Guliver- A L'imparfait
29 Valvola & DJ Spectra- Departure From Universe
30 The Go! Team- Get It Together
31 Dragon Or Emperor- Deepened Automatic
32 George- The Track Through The Woods
33 L'augmentation- Soleil
34 Farina- Displace
35 Bablicon- Isroslynn
36 Volcano The Bear- Where Are The Bounds?
37 The Big Eyes Family Players- The Best Old Truck
38 Marshmallow Coast- Little Pythagoras
39 Need New Body- Mouthbreaker

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