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Pickled Egg


a.P.a.t.T (2008)

Black and White Mass
Fantastic second album from experimental Liverpool group a.P.a.T.t. whose music frantically collages together a rich variety of sounds and catchy guitar riffs

aPAtT (2016)

Fun with Music
Impressive vinyl only second album and first in eight years from Merseyside multi-instrumentalists, a.P.A.t.T.

Big Eyes (2002)

Love Is Going Mad
Dark third album by Leeds/Sheffield ensemble who sound like "an Eastern European Dirty Three"

Big Eyes (2004)

We Have No Need For Voices When Our Hearts Can Sing
"Soft toned" harmonic and melodic indiepop on fourth album from overtly modest Sheffield sextet Big Eyes

Big Eyes Family Players (2009)

Warm Room
Enjoyable but unnecessary folk rock on fourth album from the Big Eyes Family Players, the project of Sheffield-based musician James Green

Butchy Fuego (2003)

Butchy Fuego
Energetic, eclectic pop from latest Pickled Egg signings, Butchy Fuego

Caruso (2003)

You Heard Me
Chameleon-like avant-garde pop on second only single from Caruso, the nome de plume of North Carolini resident, Matt Debellis

Chandeliers (2008)

The Thrush
Initially unassuming, but slow growing jazz-influenced new album from young Chicago avant-garde group, Chandeliers

Chandeliers (2010)

Dirty Moves
Rough and edgy, but compelling combination of jazz, post-rock and freeform on 33 song second album from Chicago-based experimental project, Chandeliers

Daniel Johnston (2001)

Rejected Unknown
It's been over five years since 'Fun', Daniel Johnston's last album, was thrown onto the market by the Atlantic label, and four and a half since it became available as a cut out. Daniel Johnston has

Farina (2005)

Melodic and sensitive second album of heavily 70's-influencedt indiepop from Pickled Egg signings Farina

Freeze Puppy (2015)

The Night Attendant
Elegant and gorgeous combination of chamber music and pop on fourth album from Freeze Puppy, the project of composer Tom Wilson

Freeze Puppy (2009)

Exquisite cabaret indie-pop on fourth album from Freeze Puppy, the moniker for Bristol musician Tom Wilson

Fulborn Teversham (2007)

Count Herbert II
Quirky and impossible-to-classify indie rock from Fulborn Teversham, the latest Pickled Egg label signing

Hassle Hound (2003)

Scaring The Grass In The Garden
"Stunning innovative lo-jazz" on debut release by new Pickled Egg signing, Glasgow's Hassle Hound

Marshmallow Coast (2002)

Ride The Lightning
Slightly disappointing third offering from the usually impressive Elephant 6 band Marshmallow Coast

Marshmallow Coast (2002)

Ride The Lightning
While Tommy Gunnarsson's reponse was lukewarm when he reviewed "Ride the Lightning' recently for Pennyblackmusic. Maarten Schiethart begs to differ and rates Marshmallow Coast's latest offering "among this year's best albums"

Mass Shivers (2007)

Ecstatic Eyes Glow Glossy
Urgently-paced, but immaculate-sounding indie pop on second album from Chicago trio Mass Shivers

Need New Body (2005)

Where's Black Ben ?
Versatile indiepop from Philadelphia avant-garde rockers Need New Body back with a second album and which which merges together "art-rock, bebop, East Coast bar aesthetics plus collected urban genres"

Need New Body (2003)

Imaginativsecond offering from Philadelphia freefrom collective on the Pickled Egg label, which across 23 tracks genre-hops through a wide range of styles

Now (2009)

Majestic and sometimes dazzling electro-acoustic pop on fifth album from quirky and eclectic London-based group, Now

Oddfellows Casino (2008)

The Absence of Birds
Latest EP from Brighton's Oddfellows Casino, which while maintaining songwriter David Bramwell's trademark immaculateness and Brian Wilson-influenced sound, is somewhat marred by its set of accompanying videos

Oddfellows Casino (2004)

Winter Creatures
Sparkling new album from the Beach Boys and XTC-inspired and very British Oddfellows Casino, which comes across as "the beach pop sound of Brighton on a summer day with a warm breeze"

Oddfellows Casino (2002)

Giant Redwoods
Classic sounding Beach Boys influenced debut single from new British group

Pop Off Tuesday (2002)

Pop Ahoy!
Innovative third album, which incorporates "cartoon samples, traditional instruments and whizz like melodies" from the experimental, but always entertaining Japanese duo, Pop Off Tuesday

Pop Off Tuesday (2002)

New Pickled Egg label release for " Japan's innovative duo", Pop Off Tuesday

Roy Moller (2005)

Fermez La Bouche
Melodic pop on new three song 7" EP from Glasgow-based indie favourite, Roy Moller

Scatter (2004)

Surprising Sing Stupendous Love
Hypnotic, genre-defying debut from sprawling Glaswegian hybrid, Scatter, who supported Belle and Sebastian on the Scottish leg of their recent tour, and who are the latest signings to the Pickled Egg label

Suzy Mangion (2008)

The Other Side of the Mountain
Delicate, but powerful debut album from Mancurian singer-songwriter Suzy Mangion, who was formerly in indie duo George

Tattie Toes (2011)

Turnip Famine
Fantastic combination of Oriental, Balkan and Asian world music on brilliant debut album from Glasgow-based group, Tattie Toes

The Doozer (2008)

Sheet Music
Vulnerably honest, but soon quickly monotonous folk rock on debut album from the Doozer, which has been released on the usually reliable Pickled Egg Records

Various (2005)

Jar : A Pickled Egg Collection
Eclectic two disc compilation from the Leicester-based label Pickled Egg, released as its 50th release, and which compiles together some of the best tracks it has released since it first began signing bands in 1997

Zukanican (2006)

Horse Republic
Offbeat, ideas-friendly second album on Pickled Egg Records from Liverpool orchestra Zukanican

Zukanican (2009)

The Stumbling Block
Boldly exploratory second album from offbeat Liverpool-based freeform indie-jazz group Zukanican that switches seamlessly from complex and abstract composition to carnival time exuberance



Pickled Egg
Interview with Nigel Turner Miscellaneous - Interview with Nigel Turner

Now seven years old, the Pickled Egg label has just put out its fiftieth release. Label boss Nigel Turner talks to Sarah Johnson about its history and why we need labels like Pickled Egg.

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