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Big Eyes - We Have No Need For Voices When Our Hearts Can Sing

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 3 / 2004

Big Eyes - We Have No Need For Voices When Our Hearts Can Sing
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


"Soft toned" harmonic and melodic indiepop on fourth album from overtly modest Sheffield sextet Big Eyes

It took three entire albums to make me realise the core of Big Eyes' music resembled a true gem all along. On the self-explanatory 'We Need No Voices When Our Hearts Can Sing', the sextet from Leeds outdoes themself. The soft-toned nature of Big Eyes' music made the band in the past for me a force easy to overlook because of their own modesty.   The eruption of caressments of strings on 'We Need No Voices When Our Hearts Can Sing' paves the way for gently meandering acoustics. Big Eyes demand your attention and focus. In return a cleanwash you'd hardly ever come by is on offer. This album carries one away, politely swaying and performing a rare excellence in musicianship.   This fourth Big Eyes album, where practice has been made perfect, could easily steal your heart if only times would be less stressful (to most). Side A allows you to drift away with harmonic pieces and melodic sketches. With the two highlights on side B, 'Laughing Gas' and 'Drunken Ghost Dance' Big Eyes prove their skills and give us innovative compositions. These could become my most treasured moments. By now, Big Eyes have become purveyors of true experiment in sound and that precision will not be noticed while their hearts can sing. Magnificent even when specialist.

Track Listing:-
1 Otto
2 Spidersong
3 Excercise No. 1
4 David's Lovesong
5 Lonesome Pouch
6 Wash Me Upstream
7 Daedalus
8 Iceman
9 A Second Heavy Heart
10 Bugle Junior
11 Excercise No. 2
12 Laughing Gas
13 Drunken Ghost Dance
14 On Twigs
15 At Clayton Point
16 Podsley's Lullaby
17 A Stalker's Song

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