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Butchy Fuego - Butchy Fuego

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 6 / 2003

Butchy Fuego - Butchy Fuego
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


Energetic, eclectic pop from latest Pickled Egg signings, Butchy Fuego

Butchy Fuego is just a wacky clever circus. A whole host of members features on the 16 tracks yet the duo of Butchy Fuego and Peter Andreadis are the central focus. This debut includes tries on virtually every style. Quite successful for the most, Butchy Fuego may have a 60's freeform jazz attitude in their whirly genepool, and sport an 80's musico-political attitude, but they use today's techniques. Their genre as yet needs to be defined and given a name. It's been done by The Scene Is Now around 1986 though Butchy Fuego is less of a vocal-based outfit than that pioneering New York band was. Instead dominating the Butchy Fuego line-up pretty often is the (bass) clarinet. The liner notes make a sincere apology for any stress caused. Hell, that's what I'm in for anyhow! With stress deriving from incompetence or from art-for-arts-sake novelty acting, I wouldn't have returned to Butchy Fuego a dozen or so times. Deceiving, energetic, at times highly original, Butchy Fuego for the experienced listener, is indeed a big, fiery storm with its sound, rhythm and melody.

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Changing the Public's Image of the American Optician
3 Another Day at the Pizzeria
4 Hot Balls
5 The Paleontologist
6 My Exprience with Electronics
7 Music for Sarah's Film
8 Filler
9 Bumbleplight
10 The Conquering of the Planet Argotron
11 Menstrual Motorcycle
12 Bunny
13 Outro

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