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a.P.a.t.T - Black and White Mass

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 20 / 2 / 2008

a.P.a.t.T - Black and White Mass
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


Fantastic second album from experimental Liverpool group a.P.a.T.t. whose music frantically collages together a rich variety of sounds and catchy guitar riffs

From 2008's Capital of Culture comes the full-length second album of this zany collective known as a.P.a.T.t. a.P.a.T.t. outwit and outperform most other bands. 'Black and White Mass' kicks off in twisted cabaret fashion, but with all the pieces still falling together as they should. In grand circus style, the second track fetches you onto a.P.a.T.t.'s weird magic roundabout. Little heavy metal ghosts, or gremlins if you'd rather call them, take hostage of this track. And such is the red thread to 'Black and White Mass' -most tracks build the setting for a duel of sound and style. The few straightforward tracks dotted around on the tracklisting for the album then catch the listener by surprise. With spectacular ease a.P.a.T.t. grab from a barrel of catchy guitar riffs. One moment you feel as if you've stumbled into a gig of a Mersey Beat band, and the next you imagine yourself in a Pink Floyd time warp. They're a bunch of jugglers really. And each time, they attempt to whistle you into a lull and then make you fall into their traps. This should be Alan Davies' favourite album.

Track Listing:-
1 Untitled 1
2 The Stars Spell Out Your Name
3 Avajibber
4 Hungry For Your Dinner
5 Untitled 2
6 And She Looked At The Swan
7 Apprentice Attention
8 Found It
9 Marmalade
10 FireBird
11 BBQ Tonite
12 Whisky Priest
13 An Oaf Climbing A Fence
14 The Daily Act
15 Fairground Abuse
16 My Subconcious Shone Like Beam Of Light Forever
17 Bay City
18 My Job Makes Me Hate You
19 Young Free And Parasite
20 Grope Cunt Lane
21 Untitled 3
22 Quite Repulsive
23 I Glanced Upon A Tudor Parade
24 After The Flood
25 The Holy Toad
26 Happiness
27 Fibber Fibber

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