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Chandeliers - The Thrush

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 5 / 2008

Chandeliers - The Thrush
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


Initially unassuming, but slow growing jazz-influenced new album from young Chicago avant-garde group, Chandeliers

Sometimes one could believe greater forces were at work. Just after receiving the electronic 'Music for Lampings' album, came this new album on Pickled Egg from Chandeliers. And indeed 'The Thrush' relates to 'Music for Lampings' like a paraffin candle does to an electric lightbulb. 'The Thrush' , as an album, or rather an EP, considering its modest 28 minutes length, is jazzy, yet snappy and due to a 1970's tarnish initially seems pleasant but unchallenging. Bridging the gap of math rock and Chicago's very own jazz music, Chandeliers, however, perform more than just a jolly, mostly instrumental flow of smart tunes. This is an uplifting and positive affair, without a single trace of superficiliality. Still unpretentious, it dares to trod on funky pop tracks with the same ease and grace. Dominant keyboards build a basis for a showcase of styles that blended well, hence the grand feeling that 'The Thrush' transcends with elegance. The CD includes videos to three of the tracks, 'Bamboo', 'Mr Electric' and 'Pesto'. The first features shadow dancing ballet in black and white - simple, effective and erotic. The other two feature images which suit the linear patterns in the songs with graphics, that similar to the album's sleeve, reflect its structures.

Track Listing:-
1 Mr Electric
2 Maldonado
3 Mango Tree
4 The Thrush
5 Big League
6 Gold Rush
7 Bamboo
8 Grafitti
9 Body Double

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