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Caruso - You Heard Me

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 24 / 5 / 2003

Caruso - You Heard Me
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: 7"


Chameleon-like avant-garde pop on second only single from Caruso, the nome de plume of North Carolini resident, Matt Debellis

My favourite label is Pickled Egg and praise be upon my mailman for bringing me their upcoming 7" EP, the second only in Caruso's career. Caruso is Matt Debellis from North Carolina, USA who as far as I can tell is not obsessed with the famous Caruso. The Caruso of the old days had a voice that cracked glass platters. The Caruso of 2003 is also a genius. My knowledge leaves me there. So, onwards and else. The 'You Heard Me' EP features a set of gorgeous miniatures. 'You Heard Me' is a 21st century 8-track classic. Its masterly edit hints at the great sounds that are still to come from Caruso, aka Matt DeBellis - an apt name for a weight watcher by the way, who looks like Robbie Williams! DeBellis' is a chameleon. One moment he pleases the electronic Mille Plateaux community and then swiftly persues in a fashion that will make Twisted Nerve fans' ears drip with indie ooze. Caruso's EP has an eclectic romanticism that re-arranges your scale of music much better than Beck will ever do. Limited edition. 7 inch only !

Track Listing:-
1 Anna's Dream
2 Spanish Boys
3 Like Rabbits
4 Swiss Vanilla
5 Sveltino
6 Brewley E
7 Julie Come Home
8 Peter

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