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Zukanican - The Stumbling Block

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 1 / 3 / 2009

Zukanican - The Stumbling Block
Label: Pickled Egg
Format: CD


Boldly exploratory second album from offbeat Liverpool-based freeform indie-jazz group Zukanican that switches seamlessly from complex and abstract composition to carnival time exuberance

On their second album, Liverpool's freeform indie-jazz punters Zukanican stick to their previous credentials: eerie and spacious effects from instruments should do the trick and no computers shall be allowed in. In an age when computer technology is not appreciated in all corners of society, this combo has something going. If you must, Zukanican is Bonobo's clever little brother with just that extra sense of class and who has a habit of stirring up trouble at unsuspected moments. The zany outfit, that Zukanican have become to be known as after a string of hilarious releases, switches seamlessly from complex and abstract composition to carnival time exuberance. Strangely enough, neither Liverpool's Probe Plus Records or London's Ninja Tune signed Zukanican. Their label is based in sunny Leicester, at the Pickled Egg Farm For Maturing Original Talent. 'The Stumbling Block' kicks off with a trumpet blowing and moog synthesizer banging overture as if some grand symphony was to be expected next. I doesn't happen ; instead loose bits and ends and joint patterns fight for your aural attention. Going adrift at some stages, the album indeed is one stumbling block. In the world of Zukanican the word 'dull' simply does not exist. 'The Stumbling Block' closes off by experimentation and into exploration it tiptoes across borders.

Track Listing:-
1 Sealing Wax
2 Inca Hoots
3 Shooting Stick
4 Koanish
5 Penny Dance Test
6 All the Saints Are Sinners
7 Pygmy Hop
8 Tell it to the Kif

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