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Nalle - By Chance Upon Waking

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 16 / 5 / 2006

Nalle - By Chance Upon Waking
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Innocent and child-like sounding experimental folk on first album from Glaswegian-based part Finnish group, Nalle

Nalle are a trio who create almost experimental folk, with a whole load of wind and string instruments thrown in to the mix over innocent and child-like vocals. Lead singer Hanna Tuulikki is British-Finnish and this is given away not only with the Finnish vocals, that are scattered through the album, but also in the atmosphere of the songs, that is best described as having a Bjork-like-strangeness. 'Forest Mountain' is a particularly unusual song with a slow unsteady beat that is often drowned out by strings and Tuulikki’s gravely vocals. 'Midwinter’s Dream' also brings to mind Bjork's 'Medulla' album, but with some folky guitars and lots of tambourine shaking. The viola is a prominent feature in the album, played by Aby Vulliamy and proving to have a very versatile sound – at times quite dark and subduing and then other times light and peaceful. Chris Hladowski plays most of the wind instruments, their gentle floating sound providing a perfect contrast to Tuulikki’s peppery vocals. Her sound has been compared to Joanna Newsom and also sounds at times like Regina Spektor - 'Birth of the Bear' is one such song, showcasing softer more flighty vocals. Bookend tracks, 'Sunne Song and Ravens', are both very strong, introducing the album with bells and summery acoustic notes and taking it out slow and steady, leaving a feeling that it all ended far to soon. A strong debut perfect for the summer and as unpredictable as the British weather.

Track Listing:-
1 Sunne Song
2 Midwinter's Dream
3 Iron's Oath
4 Sea Change
5 Forest-Mountain
6 New Roots
7 Birth of the Bear (Ursa Minor)
8 Ravens

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