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Alamo Race Track - Birds At Home

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 19 / 5 / 2005

Alamo Race Track - Birds At Home
Label: Fargo Records
Format: CD


Gentle yet refreshing debut album from Dutch band Alamo Race Track, which draws comparisions with Radiohead and which was inspired by front man Ralph Mulder's favourite past time of bird watching

If asked to think how a soundtrack to bird watching might sound, I am sure whistles, woodwind and Bill Oddie would spring to mind. Not, I would imagine, the gentle yet refreshing sound of Alamo Race Track. That is. however, precisely what it is. Most of debut album ‘Birds at Home’ was written and inspired while front man, Ralph Mulder, indulged in his favourite past time: bird watching. This may not be the most rock ‘n’ roll of hobbies but it has worked for this Dutch indie band. Their sound is warm, rich and thick with influences. Alamo have already been likened to Radiohead and this comparison is definitely justified as ‘Don’t Frighten Them’ creeps through your speaker system heavy with drum beats and metallic sounding vocals. The mood is taken up a notch with ‘Happy Accidents’. This is one of the brighter tracks on the album along with 'Summer Holiday', which sounds a lot like the Beach Boys meets Weezer. ‘Short Leave’ introduces piano to the sound and again the gentle lyrics are reminiscent of Radiohead. This sets the pace for some of the quieter songs on the album such as ‘Flame It Up’ and ‘The Low End’. ‘Speed Up’, however, has a heavy drumbeat mixed with leaping guitar riffs and Mulder demonstrates a more powerful side to his voice. ‘Wild Bees’ is also in keeping with this energy. Again the drums are hard and constant and the guitar has elements of 70’s rock. The feel of this album can be likened to a drive on a country road, slow, scenic with a few surprising corners. Although the Alamo owe a debt to Radiohead, they do have a definite sound of their own and a European twang can be heard every so often in the vocals. The band are currently touring around Europe and when they get to Britain they are well worth a look.

Track Listing:-
1 Don't Frighten Them
2 Happy Accidents
3 We Like To Go On
4 Trunk
5 Summer Holiday
6 Short Leave
7 Life Is Great
8 Speed Up
9 Flame It Up
10 I Have Seen The Light
11 The Low End
12 Wild Bees
13 Birds At Home
14 Life Like Fire

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