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Fargo Records


Alamo Race Track (2005)

Birds At Home
Gentle yet refreshing debut album from Dutch band Alamo Race Track, which draws comparisions with Radiohead and which was inspired by front man Ralph Mulder's favourite past time of bird watching

Ben Weaver (2005)

Highly recommended compilation of material from his past three albums plus some new tracks from gruff-voiced Americana-influenced singer-songwriter Ben Weaver

Richard Buckner (2005)

Dents And Shells
"Consummate piece of Americana" from the durable Richard Buckner which while "downtempo and melancholy, yet still manages to be uplifting"

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (2011)

Dirty Radio
Forceful second album from genre-defying Portland, Oregon-based group, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outide

Shearwater (2005)

Winged Life
Melancholic but eclectic debut album from new side project of Okkervil River's Will Sheff and Jonathan Meiburg

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