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Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 21 / 10 / 2005

Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005


London-based trio Stoner have elements, among others, of both Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley. At a sadly unattended show in Carlisle, Sarah Johnston watches them rise above the occasion and play a superb set

Before the gig starts I am stood outside with Gavin Lambert, Stoner’s bassist, talking about myspace and music and generally just having a chat. The other members of the band, vocalist and guitarist Des Lambert and drummer Rob Flanagan, are out around Carlisle handing out leaflets to try and rally some support for tonight’s bands. One look through the venue window and it’s obvious why. There are a few people scattered around, but criminally hardly anybody has turned up to check out these cracking bands. Their loss, they were all superb. Stoner is supporting Four Day Hombre and fills the stage with energy despite the dwindling crowd. They play a strong set with some highly charged tunes enticing a few people from the edges of the room to creep forward. The first half of the set is full of classic rock, Led Zeppelin styled guitar riffs and heavy pounding drum beats. A few songs have a Jeff Buckley vibe and the band really pull off the gentler sounding songs that are slipped into the set. The closing song, Shine Some Light, takes things down a notch. It is a slow soul track with vocals as thick and soulful as honey. Stoner are a great live band and their mix of influences really work well together, if you get the chance to see them live, take it, but in the meantime buy their EP which is out this month.

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Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005

Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005

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