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Broken Social Scene - HMV Forum, London, 30/6/2010

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 25 / 6 / 2010

Broken Social Scene - HMV Forum, London, 30/6/2010


In an evening that involved show-stealing audience participation, Sarah Johnson at the HMV Forum in London watches Canadian group Broken Social Scene play an extensive and riveting set of indie rock

Broken Social Scene introduced their newest member on stage during a Kentish town gig one hot night in London. Or at least he thought he was a member of the band. As the crowd chanted his name, ‘Angus’ came close to stealing the show after being plucked from the audience to hold Kevin Drew’s lyrics for an entertaining rendition of ‘Forced to Love’. As it was, the band took the show back, delighting the crowd with a cross section of tracks and enough heart thumping energy to make a humid Wednesday night feel like Friday had come early. Opener ‘World Sick’ proved to be an instant crowd pleaser. Layers of instruments with lyrics the audience could sing along to got heads bobbing and spirits raised. Drew was interacting with the crowd from the moment he stepped on stage and the chemistry between the band was charging and genuine. Seeing guitarist and band co-founder Brendan Canning joking with Drew and the rest of the band throwing themselves into the music ignited the crowd further and sent ripples of movement rolling across raised hands. Angus, dancing wildly around the stage like a toddler on Christmas morning, was the pinnacle of the show and seemed to take the band by surprise, although they laughed along at the sight of this genuine fan’s pure joy at being picked to stand on stage. Vocalist Lisa Lobsinger trod an effortless path of grace across the stage. After joining the band in 2005 as a permanent replacement for the rotating members, who began to have increasing commitments with their own bands, she often looks uncomfortable on stage, disappearing between tracks. But relaxed and looking to be enjoying the performance, she sang a note perfect ‘All to All’ and stuck around for the rest of the show to join in singing and playing various instruments. With the crowd sufficiently railed up and Angus responsible for a widening but friendly mosh pit engulfing dancing fans, the music rose to crashing heights before slowing for the softer 'The Sweetest Kill', which saw Drew serenading fans from the front barrier. After almost two hours of music an encore seemed unlikely but back came the band for 'Lovers Spit' and finished on an extended version of 'It’s All Gunna Break' which was the icing on the cake. Watching Broken Social Scene it is no surprise they have been together since 1999. The notes are tight, they can predict each other's every move and they look as though they are enjoying every second. It’s hard to imagine they could ever disappoint a live crowd and this show only backed up that assumption.

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Broken Social Scene - HMV Forum, London, 30/6/2010

Broken Social Scene - HMV Forum, London, 30/6/2010

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Broken Social Scene (2006)
Spectacular self-titled album from Canadian band Broke Social Scene, which numbers 17 in its line-up and is made up of members of some of Canada's most respected band inlcuding KC Accidental, the Dears, Stars and Metric

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