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Breed 77 - In My Blood (En Mi Sangre)

  by Alex Halls

published: 9 / 11 / 2006

Breed 77 - In My Blood (En Mi Sangre)
Label: Albert Productions
Format: CD


Diverse hard rock on third studio album from Gibraltar-based band Breed 77, whose unique sound integrates both Spanish / flamenco oriented guitar and Moroccan / Northern African rhythms

Are they Spanish? No wait, the English is too clear. Perhaps they are Mexican, or at least from the Southern United States. Wrong again! Breed 77 hail from Gibraltar, the tiny colonial outpost on the Southern tip of Spain. At least that explains the musical influences and use of Spanish lyrics, which give the underlying melodic hard rock an altogether more approachable feel. Breed 77 are indeed unique. 'In My Blood (En Mi Sangre)' is their third studio album and builds on the success of second album, 'Cultura' (2004). Produced by Ron Saint-Germain, famed for his work for rock heavyweights Tool and Soundgarden amongst others, the eleven tracks draw inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd, as well as major Spanish bands like Triana. Released by Albert Productions UK, the rock-label and worldwide publisher of AC/DC, Breed 77’s effort is inviting and intriguing, a real mélange of two normally quite dissimilar genres. It’s rare for Spanish / flamenco oriented guitar and Moroccan / Northern African rhythms to find their way into rock music but Breed 77 have well and truly nailed the integration process. 'In My Blood' is well composed, layering each distinct sound so that the album runs smoothly, without sounding contrived. Opener 'Petroleo' immediately indicates the band’s intentions. A short period of ambient Latin music, including flamenco castanets, then leads into driving power chords and Paul Isola’s rugged vocals. Whilst not all the album follows this style, there are intense moments of harmony and ferocity spread across its length. 'Look at Me Now' mid-record plays on the heartstrings by highlighting people’s demotivating attitude and the way in which they try their best to bring others down. It works well as a rock ballad; it introduces violin and piano into the mix and isn’t far from an Elton John record, but stays far enough away to keep it rock. 'In My Blood' ends with 'Tears', a track which focuses on the unnecessary occurrence of wars. The band is joined in the latter stages of the song by a chorus of children as the album fades out to its well-deserved finish. Having headlined at the Download festival, it is clear that Breed 77 have made decent inroads into the rock/metal genre. Acclaimed by most of the alternative rock magazines, 'In My Blood' is a definite recommendation for melodic hard rock fans, especially those wishing to immerse themselves in a more exotic sound. Whilst the band has moved towards a more mainstream sound, they ensure their distinctive sound remains. There are few bad moments on 'In My Blood' and certainly none to particularly mention save for the underlying fact that Breed 77’s offering is unlikely to have great shelf-life: this music is better suited to the stage.

Track Listing:-
1 Petroleo
2 Empty Words
3 Viento De Levante
4 Blind
5 Remember That Day
6 Look At Me
7 So You Know
8 The Game
9 Alive
10 Libertad
11 Tears
12 Someone Tell Me
13 Once Again
14 Apathy
15 Missing Me
16 Steal a Moment

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