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Over It - Silverstrand

  by Alex Halls

published: 19 / 4 / 2005

Over It - Silverstrand
Label: Lobster Records
Format: CD


High quality punk on third album from now Californian based quartet, Over It, which proves "perfect for the summer days ahead"

Comprising of Peter Munters (guitar and vocals); Nick Bailey (guitar); James Ulrich (drums); and Seth Watts (bass) Over It was conceived in late 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia and now aims its music at the punk rock collective from the sunnier shores of Ventura, located North-west of Los Angeles, California. Following their full-length debut 'The Ready Series' (2000), their second full record 'Timing Is Everything' (2002) is indicative of the power of enthusiasm in music. Although the vocals are slightly muffled, the guitars on tracks like 'Cross-Tolerance' are splendid. With more rigorous attention to technique and dates on recent Vans Warped Tours under the quartet's belt, their new release 'Silverstrand', on Lobster Records, keeps the band on track. The production is greatly improved, as a result of the skills of Mike Green, and the sound clearer than ever thanks to another appearance at the final production stage from Cameron Webb, who seems to be working with everyone at the moment, although no complaints can be made against this. On the vocal side of the album 'Silverstrand' has everything catchy one requires from a record but none of the artificially implanted material that often finds itself on modern punk albums aimed at the masses. The album appears to have similarly worked vocals as the Lost Prophets, particularly in 'Shine', but where the aforementioned band gets tiresome Over It spring into life. In the latter stages of 'Chef Yan' and their start of 'Ignore The Noise' the vocals are delectable, due to their emotional consistency which is then contrasted with the speed they develop in' Partner In Crime', a track that has its own, quite unique, charm. What is evident is the perfect timing between the guitar sections and the perfect length of each section, a fact that remains strong throughout its entirety. Most musicians would be happy making an album of half decent songs but Over It has filled 'Silver Stranger' with twelve of the best; forming a collective whole. The influence of the Orange County sun is, undeniably, to be found in the choruses. By showing sanguine colour and attaching an element of positivity, it makes the record perfect for the summer days ahead. This upbeat sound can commonly be attributed to Californian artists: Over It must have embraced this wholeheartedly. Over It has produced another high quality album that may appeal more to the modern punks amongst us who are content at finding tunefulness within the alternative music. 'Silverstrand' is a very American sounding record, the less punk sections of the album capturing the rock generally associated with the likes of Counting Crows, thus making this record remarkably easy to listen to. 'Silver Stranger' promises from the start and delivers right throughout. If you thought 'Timing Is Everything' was good, and indeed it was, then 'Silverstrand' will blow you away. It is clear that these guys will exude energy on stage…

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Siren On The 101
3 Waiting
4 Shine
5 Ignore The Noise
6 We Are The Ordinary
7 Take A Look Inside
8 Truth Is
9 Avalanche
10 Never Get Enough
11 Chef Yan
12 Partner In Crime

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