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Quit Your Day Job - Quit Your Day Job

  by Alex Halls

published: 25 / 3 / 2005

Quit Your Day Job - Quit Your Day Job
Label: Bad Taste Records
Format: CD


Entertaining mini-album from Swedish-based pop punks, Quit Your Day Job, which has merits and drawbacks in equal measure

Bizarre: the one word that ultimately sums up Quit Your Dayjob’s latest mini album. Now re-released on Bad Taste Records, one of Sweden’s alternative rock music labels, the self-titled album is as surprising as it is engaging. Formed in Malmö, Sweden, Quit Your Dayjob have chosen a quite appropriate name for their fans: freaks, saluted in opening track, 'Freaks Are Out'. Opening with the odd bit of laughter over the pinging guitars, before the insane lyrics of the band’s self-titled album begin, Quit Your Day Job’s Jonass (vocals, guitar), Marcass (synthesizers) and Andreass (drums) have created an album of honest pleasantry, which thus has its merits and drawbacks. The true essence of Quit Your Day Job is summarized in track two with the lyrics "open up, co-co-nut", lending little to lyrical analysis. Although imaginative in their conception, the lyrics remain constrained by their needless repetition, giving the sense that the album isn’t really going forward. This is demonstrated in 'Look… A Dollar,' which repeats those very words throughout without straying further into the English language and may give for a disappointing live set: These guys certainly couldn’t headline regularly based on this. Quit Your Day Job must be taken, however, for what is really is: a record that entertains harmlessly, alleviating boredom as the band intended, without providing the cutting edge that is so often asked for by today’s modern listener. In the curious way that people will pay to see musicians miming and, despite what has been mentioned above, the music is reservedly enjoyable if one is in the mood. It certainly feels as if it could stand the test of time. On top of this the guitaring often sounds like Sweden’s the Mopeds, notably in opener 'Freaks Are Out', a clever sound that is racy and bubbly, befitting of the lyrics. Normally one may have been disappointed by the running time of the record; the 8 tracks lasting a mere 12 minutes, yet this is decidedly fortunate given the nature of the music present. This record probably won’t entice you to quit your day job but may help you reconsider how you spend you free time. It is a call to the peculiar; a call to the laidback and free. It may well generally be approached with a mixture of ignorance which will doubtlessly attract negative comment, yet that comment may well be unfair; after all, it is about time more bands brought some fun into music.

Track Listing:-
1 Freaks Are Out
2 Coconut
3 Look! A Dollar
4 Tanktop
5 Wasted
6 Pigs From Hell
7 Mike Fast
8 Iron Fist

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