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Various - Warped Tour 2005 Compilation

  by Alex Halls

published: 24 / 7 / 2005

Various - Warped Tour 2005 Compilation
Label: Side One Dummy Records
Format: CD


Variable, but essentially worth-hearing two and a half long double CD of punk rock and the latest addition to the Warped Tour series

Packaged as two-discs, full-brimmed with just over two and a half hours of punk rock from artists on all of Punk’s major labels (Epitaph; Fat Wreck Chords; Victory; Kung Fu; Burning Heart) as well as those from smaller labels (Drive Thru; Equal Vision; Tooth & Nail), the Warped Tour compilation hits the stores again, just in time for summer’s concluding month. As usual there are many recognisable names present, from Hot Water Music and the irrepressible Death By Stereo to the lively Dropkick Murphys and melodic No Use for a Name, and there are also as numerous of lesser stature. Presented by the Los Angeles based Side One Dummy label, as it always has been, the 2005 offering presents a total of 50 songs, almost twice the number than on the early Warped Tour records. On the whole there are a few forgettable tracks and some downright pointless ones but the majority make this record worth purchasing, especially if you are new to the punk rock scene and looking to get an insight into what you might like. CD-Two is much better than CD-One as it tends to avoid the heavier, less punk tracks that allow variety but detract heavily from the overall value. In bands like Atreyu; Underoath; and Zao, nothing positive is added as the screaming is unintelligent; the lyrics inaudible; and the guitaring a mess. After an inspirational start to CD-Two, which includes Millencolin’s 'Ray', Pennywise’s 'Yell Out' and a live version of 'Selfish Man' by Flogging Molly, someone has also plonked in 'Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire', a track by another bunch of ‘screamers’, Bleeding Through: a complete sacrilege and one which pays little attention to the high level of quality reached beforehand. Certain to say, the person responsible for throwing this band in here, alongside what are some cracking tracks, deserves a form of punishment yet unknown to man. One real negative is that there is a distinct lack of ska-punk: Left Alone and Big D and The Kids Table are the only real exceptions. The truer, more original ska of Bedouin Soundclash with 'Gyasi Went Home' adds an unparalleled mellowness to the proceedings whereas Strike Anywhere’s contribution, 'To The World', allows heavier elements to creep onto the Warped Tour compilation: a melodic hardcore track from a band that is at the top of its game at present. Motion City Soundtrack’s 'Make Out Kids' marks a complete contrast to Strike Anywhere’s offering in terms of heaviness, as it is of the most harmonious order, but glows equally in quality as well as entertainment. It is easy to get carried away with this release as there is plenty to mention and to pick some bands out may well be doing an injustice to others, yet it cannot be avoided. Strung Out’s 'Analog', one of the finest tracks from their recent 'Exile In Oblivion' album, not to mention 'The Darkest Hours', MxPx’s vivacious opener from new album 'Panic' add further reasons for the purchase of this collection. If these didn’t affix enough speed then it certainly is added with 'Being Alright', taken from Tsunami Bomb’s greatest album to date, 'The Definitive Act' and a superb, diversifying track from the Street Dogs, a band founded in 2002 by ex-Dropkick Murphys member Mike McColgan. This compilation also has some peculiar inclusions, such as a band named Gogol Bordello that appears to take Eastern European folk music and combines it with a light-hearted rock and ska to create what the New York band terms ‘Gypsy Punk’. There are a couple of real anomalies. Firstly, what is odd is that the front cover sports a picture of Justin Sane from Anti-Flag, a band that was on the 2004 tour and epitomises punk’s roots yet doesn’t appear on either of these CDs. It would have been good to include an Anti-Flag track, simply to develop a further sound, one that doesn’t exist otherwise other than the one old-fashioned punk track from The Unseen. Secondly, it makes little sense ending on 'Taxi Driver', a hip-hop style track by Gym Class Heroes. This is surprising, even given the occasional misplaced songs on the record, as it truly doesn’t fit. Fortunately, as last track, it is easily avoided thanks to a here invaluable eject button. Despite this, the Warped Tour 2005 compilation continues the series well. At its more than affordable price it appeals due to the inclusion of the famous names as well as the fact that is showcases up and coming bands, or those who haven’t quite had the publicity they deserve. By and large this is another success for Side One Dummy that, with the help of many record labels, has put together plenty enough for anyone to get their punk teeth into.

Track Listing:-
1 MxPx- The Darkest Places
2 Dropkick Murphys- Sunshine Highway
3 The Offspring- Beheaded
4 Fall Out Boy- Saturday
5 Hot Water Music- Poison
6 The Academy Is...- Checkmarks
7 Gogol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple
8 Street Dogs- You Alone
9 Atreyu- Bleeding Mascara
10 Rufio- Out Of Control
11 Underoath- It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
12 Hopesfall- The Ones
13 From First To Last- Note To Self
14 Amber Pacific- Gone So Young
15 No Use For A Name- For Fiona
16 Boys Night Out- Composing
17 Plain White T's- Take Me Away
18 The Unseen- Weapons Of Mass Deception
19 A Wilhelm Scream- Me Vs. Morrissey In The Pretentious Contest (The Ladder Match)
20 Underminded-It's Kinda Like A Bodybag
21 Nural- Tension
22 Mae - Suspension
23 ZAO- The Rising End (The First Prophecy)
24 Greeley Estates- Don't Look Away
25 Big D & The Kids Table- You Lost, You're Crazy
26 Pennywise- Yell Out
27 Flogging Molly- Selfish Man Live In L.A.
28 Strike Anywhere- To The World
29 Hawthorne Heights- Ohio Is For Lovers
30 Millencolin- Ray
31 Bleeding Through- Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
32 Halifax- Sydney
33 Armor For Sleep- Car Underwater
34 Bedouin Soundclash- Gyasi Went Home
35 Motion City Soundtrack- Make Out Kids
36 Bleed The Dream- Just Like I Remember
37 Death By Stereo- Entombed We Collide
38 Silverstein- Smashed Into Pieces
39 Gatsbys American Dream- Theatre
40 Roses Are Red- White And Gold
41 Youth Group- Skeleton Jar
42 Go Betty Go- Saturday
43 Left Alone- By My Side
44 Strung Out- Analog
45 The Matches- Dog-Eared Page
46 Hidden In Plain View- Ashes, Ashes
47 Name Taken- Hold On For Your Dearest Life
48 Tsunami Bomb- Being Alright
49 The Phenomenauts -Mission
50 Gym Class Heroes- Taxi Driver

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