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Various - Warped Tour 2006

  by Alex Halls

published: 23 / 9 / 2006

Various - Warped Tour 2006
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Latest Warped Tour punk compilation which includes tracks from Anti-Flag, the Casualties, Matchbnook Romance, Flogging Molly, NOFX and Saces the Day

The Warped Tour used to be one of the only chances for younger punks to unite on a grand scale. Nowadays a greater number of similar tours exist, but none quite have the name, and certainly none the size, to knock Warped off top spot. Now attracting a wider audience, most notably recent converts from the Blink 182 era, the twelfth Vans Warped Tour has recently kept itself to the States to the disappointment of the European fan base. It is through the inevitably spawned merchandise, of which one part is the now famous music compilation series, again produced by record company Side One Dummy, that Europe gets its taste of the tour. The need to make this series as attractive as possible has led to it being spread across two discs. Morsels these may be but then, with fifty bands on offer, there’s going to be something for everyone. It is immediately evident that many artists on this record do not appear at the Warped shows but, with some previously unreleased material from a range of top punk bands, that’s no real problem. Last year’s release saw a mix of sounds throughout the two discs, yet this year the general sound of disc one is a lot heavier than its packaged cohabitant. Those happier with a more melodic edge will quite happily listen to the first half of disc two, over and over, as the list of tracks is impressive, kicked off by 'No Future' from Anti-Flag and continued in fine form by The Casualties’ original punk in 'Under Attack'. This is about as true to punk’s roots as the album gets but, then again, no one really expects that of this particular tour. Disc one opens with 'The End' by Saves the Day, which, despite it having some energy, fails to immediately set the album alight. Fortunately we soon saved by a NOFX track, 'Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing', a band always popular on records such as this. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts follow soon after, providing the album with this rarity of well-recognised female fronted punk rock bands. It is perhaps the latter of these genre-defining words that applies most to this track and, although exhibiting confidence, does not quite have the panache required to make full impact. The Riverboat Gamblers truly get things moving again and with gypsy punks Gogol Bordello making an appearance in 'Not a Crime', full of verve and swagger as can be expected, one realises this compilation is going to cover everything punk…except for ska. The real standout track is Rise Against’s 'Everchanging', a well-balanced, acoustic and emotionally charged track: one of the best in this category in recent years. As can be expected, the usual high quality comes from Flogging Molly in 'Laura', and Against Me!, who provide a vocally raw but tuneful addition to tracks from Christian punk rock band Relient K and the post-hardcore Matchbook Romance. Both discs see lesser known bands making a name for themselves, most notably with the fine pop punk tune from All Time Low, a track of which elements would typically be soundtracked to an American coming of age movie. This should in no way detract from its charm. Moving towards the album’s final quarter, Good Riddance supply 'Shame' from their excellent seventh album, 'My Republic', adding real bite as Russ Rankin’s band shows how melodic punk should be played. Compilations normally have their faults, whether it be the inclusion of sub-standard tracks or the poor alignment of similar sounds, but the 'Warped Tour 2006' record stays away from much of these mistakes. As a result, and also taking into account the budget price, it is well worth picking up. There are some great tracks and whilst all won’t be to everyone’s liking, they are still good enough to let run if time is of no particular issue. A much changed line-up from 2005’s release helps to clearly distinguish this from its predecessor, rather fortunate given some of last year’s anomalies. For those looking for the same style of music, it might be wise to stay away from this release. Yet, for those wanting to sample more of punk’s variations, then the 'Warped Tour 2006\ compilation easily lives up to those desires.

Track Listing:-
1 Saves The Day- The End
2 Underoath- Moving For The Sake Of Motion
3 Matchbook Romance- My Mannequin Can Dance
4 NOFX- Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
5 Flogging Molly- Laura
6 Joan Jett And The Blackhearts- Five
7 Riverboat Gamblers- Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead
8 Armor For Sleep- Remember To Feel Real
9 Helmet- Bury Me
10 Gogol Bordello- Not A Crime
11 The Matches- My Soft And Deep
12 Moneen- If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's An Addiction
13 Chiodos- The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined
14 American Eyes- The Girl With The Broken Heart (By The Way)
15 Valient Thor- Sticks And Stones
16 Somerset- Rhyme Over Reason
17 Protest The Hero- Heretics & Killers
18 I Am Ghost- We Are Always Searching
19 VCR- Do You Wanna Triumph
20 All Time Low- Coffee Shop Soundtrack
21 So They Say- Antidote For Irony
22 Maxeen- Block Out The World
23 Time Again- Black Night
24 Slightly Stoopid- Nothin Over Me
25 Eight Fingers Down- Everything
26 Anti-Flag- No Future
27 The Casualties- Under Attack
28 From First To Last- The Levy
29 Relient K- Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet?
30 Rise Against- Everchanging
31 Motion City Soundtrack- When You're Around
32 Against Me- From Her Lips To God's Ears
33 Bouncing Souls- Midnight Mile
34 Bedouin Soundclash- Rude Boy Don't Cry
35 The Academy Is... -The Phrase That Pays
36 ZOX- Thirsty
37 Hellogoodbye- All Time Low's
38 Love Equals Death- Bombs Over Brooklyn
39 Paramore- Emergency
40 Vanna- A Dead Language For A Dying Lady
41 Crash Romeo- Actions Not Words
42 Good Riddance- Shame
43 Escape The Fate- Ransom
44 Every Time I Die- The New Black
45 Royden- Broken Star Satellite
46 Scotch Greens- Professional
47 Roses Are Red- Failing
48 The Banner- Venom And Hope
49 The Expendables- Set Me Off
50 Los Kung Fu Monkeys- Short Fuse + 1 Other

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