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Various - Eastpak Resistance Tour 2004

  by Alex Halls

published: 15 / 1 / 2005

Various - Eastpak Resistance Tour 2004
Label: Side One Dummy Records
Format: CD


Hard/metal core punk compilation, slightly marred by a poor choice of track layout, which features the likes of Agnostic Front, Death by Stero and Sick Of It All

Following on from the extremely successful Resistance Tour, sponsored by Eastpak the makers of hard-wearing rucksacks, that brought together a glut of quality bands in packed venues, some of which had to be moved to cater for a much higher demand, comes the resistance Tour compilation album that exhibits 26 tracks of brutal ‘hard/metal-core’. In attempting to determine exactly how this Side One Dummy Records compilation can be classified one realises the futility of undertaking such a task. By mixing the arguably misplaced poppier punk of 7 Seconds with the more traditional punk of Agnostic Front and the ferocious hardcore of Unearth, the Eastpak Resistance tour compilation more than lives up to its given title as it incorporates the genres that resist enforced societal norms. It is good to see the larger and more established bands like Sick Of It All adding their name to such a release and in 'I Believe' the very nature of hardcore is expressed in full. Stand out tracks on the punkier side include Ignite’s 'You', Agnostic Front’s upbeat 'Gotta Go' and 'Circles' by Five Knuckle but one can only be impressed with the magnificent Death By Stereo’s 'Beyond the Blinders' which captures the catchy parts that are allowed in hardcore and mixes them with the aggressive portions that keep spirits up and energy levels at such a height that any concerned government would immediately attempt to curb its creation so as not to incite society’s flagrant rage. Every time the compilation jumps onto the ‘metalcore’ content, the listener, as a result, also loses the lyrical content as the vocals become incomprehensible, which may still attract attention to the songs but one certainly loses the general meaning upon which this record is founded. 'At The Gates of Demise' by Maroon is indicative of the more metal-based offerings present and easily pushes the boundaries of hardcore to the limit. Adding one live track by the irrepressible Kill Your Idols and you have a better than mediocre compilation album that may rely on releases from the last 2 years but exposes quality to a new audience. It is perhaps the fragmented way in which the different styles have been placed, even if they have been compiled under the broad heading of ‘hardcore’ that stands as the greatest drawback of this album. The album may have benefited from a general grouping of similar musical styles although, as it stands, maximum exposure of all bands involved is ensured, which may, in fact, be the intention. For anyone into the harder side of hardcore this record will certainly provide enough stimulation as it exhibits passion overall. For those more inclined towards punk, the Eastpak Resistance Tour CD may flatter to deceive despite a small array of highly regarded bands available for their listening pleasure. In all, thumbs up, but more thought could have gone into the track layout.

Track Listing:-
1 Unearth- The Great Dividers
2 7 Seconds- Still On It
3 Born From Pain- Days Of The Scorpio
4 Slapshot- Identity
5 Cataract- Nothing's Left
6 Sick Of It All- I Believe
7 Black Friday 29- Kill This Dream
8 The Bones- Chevy Devils
9 Knuckledust- Trust No One
10 Mad Sin- Communication Breakdown
11 Fear My Thoughts- Rituals
12 Discipline- Death 'R Glory
13 Destiny- Your Diary
14 Death By Stereo- Beyond The Blinders
15 Five Knuckle- Circles
16 Ignite- You
17 Suicide Machines- Burning In The Aftermath
18 Maroon- At The Gates Of Demise
19 No Turning Back- Stay Away
20 Deadline- Wave You Goodbye
21 Deadsoil- History Retold
22 Agnostic Front- Gotta Go
23 Backfire- Still Dedicated
24 Length Of Time- Men Into Gods
25 Punishable Act- Together Always Everyday
26 Kill Your Idols- Right Now (Live)

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