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Society's Parasites - Society's Parasites

  by Alex Halls

published: 9 / 10 / 2007

Society's Parasites - Society's Parasites
Label: Hellcat
Format: CD


Brazenly powerful debut album from Los Angeles-based street punks, Societys Parasites

Los Angeles’ punk rock outfit, Societys Parasites release this, their self-titled debut album. Formed in 1997, the quartet release fifteen tracks on Hellcat Records, a label making a mark on the alternative scene. Societys Parasites employ a fast and aggressive sound that’s pretty unsettling on the ears, but rewarding at the same time. The whole idea behind their music, it appears, is to leave you needing to let out that pent-up aggression. Societys Parasite' are doing it; surely it would be wrong not to follow. The album includes a preface, a track that doesn’t show the true face of the recording as it is particularly subdued in contrast with the rest. Even if it is the perfect way to open a show, or record, once this is out of the way, Societys Parasites truly kick off. At times the record takes on an ephemeral, sinister atmosphere, changing the dynamic at the appropriate points. Whilst it takes occasional breaks from street punk, it never gives the impression it feels forced to do so. It’s in the band’s L.A. neighbourhood that their brazen sound clearly originates. Known for its criminal elements and gang violence, 'Echo Park' provides the inspiration behind the album; where something positive rises from the ashes. The violence so close to home is integrated into 'Vermont & 4th' where it opens with gang lyrics: a reminder of society’s more unsavoury elements. 'Societys Parasites' is particularly lacking in its vocal range, but this is punk. On occasion two tracks easily merge into one another. Furthermore, it is noticeable how short the album is: another of punk’s characteristic traits. When this is countered with the inspired guitaring, the endless drive and dynamism and a carefree attitude to music, there is, however, absolutely no contest.

Track Listing:-
1 Preface
2 In The City
3 Late Week Night
4 Who's On Your Side
5 Echo Park
6 Vermont and 4th
7 Wishing Armageddon
8 Doomed
9 I'm Not Dead
10 American Nightmare
11 Parasites
12 Maggot Girl
13 Minus One
14 Swift And Deadly
15 Post Script

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