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Sun Eats Hours - The Last Ones

  by Alex Halls

published: 6 / 11 / 2005

Sun Eats Hours - The Last Ones
Label: Rude Records
Format: CD


Experimentally forceful third album from unconventionally catchy Italian-based melodic hardcore punk group Sun Eats Hours

Created within the surrounds of Vicenza, Italy, in 1997 with the idea of avoiding "cheap and easy slogans", Sun Eats Hours return with their third album, a fourteen track blinder that makes one wonder why continental European bands find it so hard to break the Anglo-Saxon market. When searching for meaning, Sun Eats Hours, the name, presents itself as somewhat ambiguous in English, yet, once understood as a direct translation of a Venetian saying, everything suddenly becomes much clearer. Referring to not wasting the time you have, Sun Eats Hours; Francesco Lorenzi (vocals, guitar); Ricardo Rossi (drums); Matteo Reghelin (bass); and Gianluca Menegozzo (guitar) feature smart lyrics within a melodic hardcore punk that rolls on, track after track with few faults to be seen. 'The Last Ones', in its majority, goes further than the bulk of albums in its genre by exploiting an attacking vocal structure, rather than resorting to repetitive, catchy drivel. By doing this, it thus manages to create an unconventional catchiness, one that only continental European bands manage to spot and then harness. Remaining tuneful, whilst being forceful the album keeps entertaining right until the end: only one track fails to reach the same standard but this can easily (and deserves to) be overlooked in this instance. The tempo is usually full of pace and context allows it to shrewdly drop from time to time in order to convey meaning. It is by way of this that a really good feeling about the record develops, to the extent that it becomes mainstay in one’s stereo. An excellent mix of snappy lead vocals and bursts of secondary vocals that are well-timed and placed, add a perfect harmony to the record; a harmony that fits with the mood conveyed throughout. Although not dealing with many specific issues, 'The Last Ones' speaks out more about human interaction, making the most of what we have and caring for those around us: a sensible option given the general lack of tolerance often exhibited these days. It also observes the way in which the corporate machine is forcing the world to eventual demise: one might say it is anti-capitalist, but this is perhaps too strong a term to use in this instance. Sun Eats Hours also apportion the blame of degenerative society on mankind’s inability to promote real values; another key problem that is failing to be addressed at all levels. The Sun Eats Hours are without doubt one of the best bands to have come out of Italy, even if they are far from establishing themselves outside their native country and its surrounds. 'The Last Ones' is a good sight better than might have been expected and one can rarely notice that the band are Italian, save for references to Seneca, a Roman Philosopher. What makes the album so good is its ability to draw on realities, those that are very much of true human essence, rather than of material construction. There appear to be a few religious references, which may put some listeners off, yet none of these are intrusive in any way: the meaning is the major thing conveyed. It is this meaning, along with some rather impressive tunes that makes 'The Last Ones' a record that will be hard to beat: only a handful will manage to pull off such a feat.

Track Listing:-
1 Now, Again
2 Prophet
3 The Last Ones
4 The Level
5 July, 27th
6 2004
7 Endless Desire
8 Dull Minds
9 Sucker
10 Letters to Lucilio
11 Enigma
12 Cracked Circle
13 My Prayer
14 The Day I Die

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