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Unseen - Internal Salvation

  by Alex Halls

published: 9 / 10 / 2007

Unseen - Internal Salvation
Label: Hellcat
Format: CD


Energetic, but thought-inspiring sixth album from much admired Boston quintet, the Unseen

For a band fourteen years in existence, to only just be releasing a sixth album feels somewhat inappropriate. When you think back to artists releasing an album a year, you, however, get the point: it’s about getting it right. The Unseen tend to do just that. This well-known and admired Boston quintet release the thirteen-track 'Internal Salvation', another album full of their honest, hardcore punk which proudly follows 2005’s 'State of Discontent' record, which was also released on the growing Hellcat label. 'Internal Salvation' prides itself on an unparalled energy throughout, which is embodied in the heavily used vocal chorus, aptly placed every time. Before moving into that energy, the album opens with a cracking intro. The initial organ sound gradually attracts and engages the listener, setting the same creepy scene as in any good horror movie. What follows cannot be faulted as the band tear through tracks with deadly, seasoned habit. Voicing opinions on world issues as well as an importantly placed focus on the disappearance of originality and emergence of a sub-culture of disillusionment, the Unseen cover the right topics and in the right measure. 'Internal Salvation', in title, becomes holistically clear. Nothing wrong so far, that’s for certain. Where the album’s predecessor pretty much focussed on the futility of war, 'Internal Salvation' begins to search for the answers, even if that search goes little further than a questioning phase. Tracks like 'Torn and Shattered' and 'Act the Part' have their sublime moments, and then there is the gritty guitaring that makes a distinct impact in 'No Direction'. Even the simple stuff is spot on, such as in 'Break Away', leaving the album interesting and original whilst not diverging from the band’s roots. The incorporation of well-written riffs and rhythms is a welcome bonus, and proves that the Unseen’s reputation is deserved. 'Internal Salvation' does the trick, even if its lifespan is limited. Okay, some of the tracks could be mistaken for one another if it weren’t for the range of lyrically delivered messages, but that’s acceptable. Crucially, there’s a real musical engagement created by the album that appeals to the listener’s youthful side, urging you to get on stage, despite that stage not being there. Just keep thinking it is, there’s no use in ruining an excellent illusion. What’s more, it’s from a band who aren’t frightened to get their political and social message across. How much more could you want?

Track Listing:-
1 The Brutal Truth (Intro)
2 Such Tragedy
3 At Point Break
4 Right Before Your Eyes
5 Torn & Shattered (Nothing Left)
6 Break Away
7 Let It Go
8 No Direction
9 In Your Place
10 Left For Dead
11 Step Inside...Take Your Life
12 Act The Part
13 Talking Bombs

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