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Centrifuge - Carnival/Carnivore

  by Alex Halls

published: 24 / 2 / 2007

Centrifuge - Carnival/Carnivore
Label: Workhorse
Format: 7"


Unpolished angst-ridden farewell offering on 7' from Stoke-based indie punks, Centrifuge

Formed at the end of 2001, Centrifuge consisted of four members: Phil Wagg (vocals, guitar); Mark Deaville (guitar, backing vocals); Wayne Kempson (bass); and Mike Sands (drums). Consisted, you exclaim? Has the writer used some archaic form of grammar? Sadly not, for Centrifuge is officially dead. Welcome to a form of musical obituary: one that still concentrates on Centrifuge’s musical effort. Choosing to part for private reasons the band members have definitely gone different ways: new bands await for some but the Workhorse Records label will continue under the guidance of former guitarist Mark. Formerly located in Stoke-on-Trent, Centrifuge released 'Carnival/Carnivore' at the turn of the year. On the self-run Workhorse label 'Carnival' pretty much plays with the absurd, boosted by the powerful indie/punk sound engulfing the speakers, trapping the listener with its tempting call. Far from polished, better production may well have helped iron the evident inconsistencies out. The vocals in 'Shotgun Funeral', its B side, leave a lot to be desired and the song becomes a mess at its climax. There’s a certain darkness, however, that feeds through, across into both single tracks. In a way the music is very much like that of the more obscure 90's indie rock bands and, therefore, may well appeal to those still attached to that musical era. On the whole, the 'Carnival' single shows great promise but never truly sets things alight. It’s a shame that the elements of promise will never be seen again in the form of Centrifuge, as it’s always good to see a band have a further go at breaking through. This, however, isn’t the time to sit and contemplate the past and, perhaps, one of the members’ new bands will rise even higher than Centrifuge ever had. Life goes on after all, doesn’t it!

Track Listing:-
1 Carnival
2 Carnivore

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