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Millencolin - Ray

  by Alex Halls

published: 17 / 4 / 2005

Millencolin - Ray
Label: Burning Hearts
Format: CDS


Thoughtful "softcore" punk on first single from seventh album from durable Swedish quintet, Millencolin

Formed in the late 80s, Sweden’s ultimate "softcore" quintet Millencolin is back with 'Ray', the first single off their seventh album, 'Kingwood', which has come out on the Burning Heart label. A three track single, consisting of two new tracks and a live version of 'Bullion' (the original could be found on the 'Life On A Plate' album (1996), 'Ray' proves just how far Millencolin has come since its beginnings but also how talented its members were from the start, capturing a whole new style of music which punks young partisans have lapped up with pleasure ever since. The entity that is Millencolin has proved time and again that it is master of its own genre. According to lead singer, Nikola, 'Ray' is symbolic of life as it draws on Greek philosopher Herakleitos’ expression “Panta Rei” which means that you don’t go down in the same river twice. This citation proves that much thought goes into the band’s music, a detail that has often been neglected for simple enjoyment of the music. This is perhaps where Millencolin’s greatest strength lies: they are able to direct at the intellect, through delicately constructed links, whilst providing for those who wish solely to be entertained. This entertainment is propounded by quirky lyrics that indicate the frivolities of life: “So shut your mouth now big boy, I’m just myself, not your toy”. Sadly this is nothing new from a band that can realistically be accused of repeating song construction and form. Nevertheless the sound of 'Ray' is exactly what Millencolin fans will require and, indeed, one cannot fault this latest offering. This return is an infusion of Millencolin’s usual bouncy, catchy tunes and is, in fact, immediately endearing. No doubt lined up against more of Millencolin’s fantastic tunes on 'Kingwood', 'Ray' will add to another fully accredited album in the band’s current discography and adherents’ burgeoning softcore collections.

Track Listing:-
1 Ray
2 Phony Tony
3 Bullion (Live)

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