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Peter Allison - Reviews

Huey and the New Yorkers

Say It to My Face
Surprisingly soul-oriented, but also well-crafted debut album from Fun Lovin' Criminals front man Huey Morgan's new side project, Huey and the New Yorkers

Alabama 3

Shoplifting 4 Jesus
Confrontational, yet hopeful new album from the Alabama 3 whose themes include the economic recession, digital piracy and the riots, and which finds them blending reggae and hip hop into their gospel/acid/country sound

Wednesday 13

Calling All Corpses
Unashamed party punk on latest album from former Murderdolls front man Wednesday 13 which finds him returning to his roots with immense style and humour

Karma Heart

Throw Your Light
Striking heavy rock on debut album from North-East based group, the Karma Heart, who were born out of the ashes of former covers band Remedy


Live in London
Fantastic best of live compilation, recorded at a gig at the Marquee Club in London, from often under-rated glam rockers, the Quireboys


Phoenix: The Best of InMe
Fine, but predictable compilation album from Essex-based alternative rock band, InMe

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Classic Fantastic
Vibrant-sounding first album in five years for the bestselling Fun Lovin' Criminals

Die So Fluid

The World is Too Big for One Lifetime
Enjoyable, if repetitive-sounding hard rock on third album from London-based group, Die so Fluid

Panic Room

Confusing and unsatisfying second album from UK-based indie rock act, Panic Room


Are You One of Us?
Gusty-sounding heaving metal on second album from Leeds-based band, the Glitterati


Unadventurous and routine-sounding latest album from durable Los Angeles metal act, W.A.S.P.

Flood of Red

Home Run (1997)
Promising new single from Glasgow-based experimental rock outfit, Flood of Red

Bowling For Soup

My Wena
Superbly irreverent latest single from Texan pop punks, Bowling for Soup

Gunfire 76

Casualties and Tragedies
Unimpressive glam rock on first album from Gunfire 76, the new project of former Murder Dolls front man Wednesday 13


Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar
Darkly poetic Gothic rock on first-rate debut alabum from Southampton-based rock band, RazorBladeKisses, which is fronted by two Iranian sisters, Layla and Azadeh

Sonic Boom Six

Back 2 Skool
Energetic new single from versatile Manchester band Sonic Boom Six, who combine their sound with reggae and hip-hop influences

Crazy Arm

Born to Ruin
Poetentially promising, but ultimately uninspiring debut album from Plymouth-based band, Crazy Arm


Outstanding new EP from Kidderminsiter-based industrial metal act OAK, whose debut album is out later this year


Achingly evocative double CD compilation from durable Swedish prog rock group Anekdoten, who draw comparisons with Clannad

Jack Butler

Fit the Paradigm
Energetic debut album from 50's rockabilly-influenced Stirling-based band, Jack Butler

Pink Punk

Zombie God Delicious
Intriguing and surprisingly effective combination of hip-hop, slam poetry, and rap-metal on unique second album from Pink Punk, the project of former nu-metal band One Minute Silence vocalist 'Yap' Barry

Hickey Underworld

Mystery Bruises
Incohesive-sounding debut single from Belgium garage rock four-piece, Hickey Underworld

Papa Roach

Capable and surprisingly upbeat latest single from Californian nu-metal act, Papa Roach


American Soldier
Emotive and highly impressive concept album from durable heavy metal band Queensyrche, which, avoiding flag-waving,looks at the impact of war across the centuries upon its soldiers

Wednesday 13

Great collection of acoustic versions,re-recordings and covers on, despite several album releases, first ever EP from glam/punk star Wednesday 13


Indian Ladder
Unsubtle, but compelling stoner rock on debut album from Albany, New York-based group, Ironweed


Crushed Neocons
Bland and drearily uniform heavy metal on debut album from German-based group, the Antikaroshi


Strange Fast Now
Strong debut EP from South Shields-based hard rock band Remedy who have elements of the Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin


Ambitious and unique, if somewhat monotonous third album of post-rock/spoken-word from San Francisco-formed band, Enablers


It's a Misery Business
Enjoyable compilation album. featuring metal/punk acts such as Nickleback, Biffy Clyro and Gallows, which explores the darker side of romance


Broad-ranging third album from Portland, Oregon-based rock band Kleveland, who singer Stephanie Smith's raw vocals are reminiscent of Joan Jett

Wednesday 13

F**k It We'll Do It Live
Authentic-sounding glam punk on thoroughly enjoyable live album from former Murder Dolls' frontman, Wednesday 13


Kung Fu Super Sounds
Eccentric collection of previously unreleased soundtracks from Hong Kong film company the Shaw Brothers' kung fu films

Devil's Gift

Devil's Gift
Impressive debut album from Devil's Gift who combine their loud metal sound with effective both male and female vocals


Beginnings (The Best Of The Early Years)
Evocative double CD compilation of much acclaimed Gaelic folk rockers Clannad's early music

Black Carrot

Drink the Black Forest
Offbeat second album from the deranged and drunken Black Carrot, who fall completely into a unnique class of their own


Prominence And Demise
Excellent third album from Norwegian group Winds, who merge metal with classical music to superb effect


Mood Poisoner
Attention-seeking, but remorselessly relentless grind core on debut album from Glaswegian punk quartet, Desalvo


Oakenfold Anthems
Fine three CD compilation of remixes from techno-trance DJ Paul Oakenfold, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, U2, the Utah Saints, the KLF and Underworld

Femme Fatale

The Woah Song
Flawed, but potentially promising indie rock on debut single from young Stockton-based group, Femme Fatale


Deadly Passions
Unsubtle, but highly impressive second album from female-fronted metal band, Hydrogen

Day One

Probably Art
Uninspiring and repetitive second album from Bristol-based trip-hop duo Day One

Band of the Eye

Band of the Eye
Outstanding debut EP from new punk trio Band of the Eye who sound like Nirvana fronted by John Lydon

David Motion

Intriguing, but ultimately frustrating combination of classical and pop music on new instrumental album from London-based musician, David Motion

Fury UK

Face of Adversity
Well-performed, but otherwise totally unremarkable heavy metal on debut album from new Manchester-based trio Fury UK


Straight-to-the-point, but also surprisingly political new album from heroes of shock rock, W.A.S.P.

Alabama 3

Subtly growing and eventually highly rewarding latest album from self-described pioneers of acid-house-gospel-country-blues, the Alabama 3

Hanoi Rocks

Street Poetry
Diverse rock with attitude on latest album from the every durable Hanoi Rocks


One Day This Will All be Yours
Sombee, yet superb second album from Fightstar which kicks new life into the hard rock genre

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