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Peter Allison


Alabama 3

Peter Allison talks to Larry Love from Alabama 3 about his band's hip hop and sample-infused latest album, 'Shoplifting 4 Jesus', and which finds them reflecting angrily on the global economy, digital piracy and the London riots.

Fun Lovin' Criminals
Michael Monroe
Gunfire '76

Peter Allison speaks to iconic hip hop/rock trio the Fun Lovin' Criminals about their fifteen year musical history and new triple live CD, 'Fun, Live, and Criminal’
Hanoi Rocks front man Michael Monroe talks to Peter Allison about his recent decision to go solo and his new band which includes tGinger from the Wildhearts, Tood Youth from the Chelsea Smiles and Sami Yaffa from the New York Dolls
Gunfire 76 is the new group of glam/punk star and former Murder Dolls front man, Wednesday 13. In what is his second interview with him, he speaks to Peter Allison about his ongoing battle with depression and classic rock and roll sound of his latest band

Alabama 3
Fun Lovin Criminals

One of the leading acts in the EBM genre, Grendel has been playing to expanding popularity both at home in the Netherlands and also across Europe. Peter Allison speaks to founding member[VLRK]about his group's industrial dance sound and his approach both to music and the music industry
At a gig at Rock City in Nottingham, Peter Allison speaks to D Wayne Love, the voclaist with the Alabama 3, about the political ideals and opinions of his band
Peter Allison speaks to Kidderminster-based industrial-metal group OAK about the hard-hitting effects of the recession on their band and their forthcoming debut album
Peter Allison speaks to Huey Morgan from the much acclaimed Fun Lovin' Criminals about his group's unique merging of musical styles,the band's beginnings on the club scene in New York and 'Classic , their upcoming sixth album

Wednesday 13
Hanoi Rocks

Peter Allison at a gig at the Casbah in Sheffield speaks to classic-sounding rock band Remedy about their recent debut EP and their experience and reaction to playing what was their first headlining tour
At a show in Nottingham, glam rock punk star Wednesday 13 speaks to Peter Allison about his surprisingly downbeat new album 'Skeletons', horror films and hats
Peter Allison chats to vocalist Julie and guitarist Jeff Westlake from West Virginia-based hard rock band Hydrogyn about their just released sceond album, 'Deadly Passions' and hopes to tour Europe.
After an absence of nearly twenty years, heavy metal giants Hanoi Rocks reformed a few years ago. Frontman Mike Monroe speaks to Peter Allison about his band's reformation, working with Guns 'n' Roses, and the group's latest album, 'Street Poetry'

Alabama 3

At a show in Nottingham vocalist D Wayne Love and keyboardist Spirit of Love from country acid house group the Alabama 3 speak to Peter Allison about their love of touring, new album 'M.O.R.' and what they see as their role as outsiders in the music industry



Peter Allison examines the early 80's career and influence of heavy metal band Dio, the band of the late Ronnie James Dio, who have had recently had their first three albums, 'Holy Diver','The Last in Line' and 'Sacred Heart', reissued


The Circus of Horrors is a horror-themed rock-and-roll circus freak show. Peter Allison speaks to its founder and creator Dr Haze about the philosophy behind it and its latest 'Day of the Dead' tour

Live Reviews

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Los Angeles metal veterans W.A.S.P. are now nearly thirty years into their career. Peter Allison finds them to have lost none of their energy or edge in a thunderous show at Rock City in Nottingham
On the first date of a British tour, Peter Allison watches the Fun Lovin' Criminals play a humorous and energetic set in an atmospheric performance at the Plug in Sheffield
Peter Allison enjoys a night of music and tongue-in-cheek-theatricals with Rock and Roll circus freak-show, the Circus of Horrors, at the City Hall in Sheffield


Gig of a Lifetime

Soundtrack of Our Lives

Peter Allison, in our 'Gig of a Lifetime' series, writes of going to see New York hip-hop/alternative rock trio the Fun Lovin' Criminals in 1999 for the first time at the Doncaster Dome
In the latest in our 'Soundtrack to Our Lives' series, in which our writers describe the personal impact in their lives, Peter Allison writes about first hearing New York trio the Fun Lovin' Criminals 1995 debut album, 'Come Find Yourself', in the midst of the Britpop sensation


Huey and the New Yorkers
Alabama 3
Wednesday 13
Karma Heart

Surprisingly soul-oriented, but also well-crafted debut album from Fun Lovin' Criminals front man Huey Morgan's new side project, Huey and the New Yorkers
Confrontational, yet hopeful new album from the Alabama 3 whose themes include the economic recession, digital piracy and the riots, and which finds them blending reggae and hip hop into their gospel/acid/country sound
Unashamed party punk on latest album from former Murderdolls front man Wednesday 13 which finds him returning to his roots with immense style and humour
Striking heavy rock on debut album from North-East based group, the Karma Heart, who were born out of the ashes of former covers band Remedy

Fun Lovin' Criminals
Die So Fluid

Fantastic best of live compilation, recorded at a gig at the Marquee Club in London, from often under-rated glam rockers, the Quireboys
Fine, but predictable compilation album from Essex-based alternative rock band, InMe
Vibrant-sounding first album in five years for the bestselling Fun Lovin' Criminals
Enjoyable, if repetitive-sounding hard rock on third album from London-based group, Die so Fluid

Panic Room
Flood of Red

Confusing and unsatisfying second album from UK-based indie rock act, Panic Room
Gusty-sounding heaving metal on second album from Leeds-based band, the Glitterati
Unadventurous and routine-sounding latest album from durable Los Angeles metal act, W.A.S.P.
Promising new single from Glasgow-based experimental rock outfit, Flood of Red

Bowling For Soup
Gunfire 76
Sonic Boom Six

Superbly irreverent latest single from Texan pop punks, Bowling for Soup
Unimpressive glam rock on first album from Gunfire 76, the new project of former Murder Dolls front man Wednesday 13
Darkly poetic Gothic rock on first-rate debut alabum from Southampton-based rock band, RazorBladeKisses, which is fronted by two Iranian sisters, Layla and Azadeh
Energetic new single from versatile Manchester band Sonic Boom Six, who combine their sound with reggae and hip-hop influences

Crazy Arm
Jack Butler

Poetentially promising, but ultimately uninspiring debut album from Plymouth-based band, Crazy Arm
Outstanding new EP from Kidderminsiter-based industrial metal act OAK, whose debut album is out later this year
Achingly evocative double CD compilation from durable Swedish prog rock group Anekdoten, who draw comparisons with Clannad
Energetic debut album from 50's rockabilly-influenced Stirling-based band, Jack Butler

Pink Punk
Hickey Underworld
Papa Roach

Intriguing and surprisingly effective combination of hip-hop, slam poetry, and rap-metal on unique second album from Pink Punk, the project of former nu-metal band One Minute Silence vocalist 'Yap' Barry
Incohesive-sounding debut single from Belgium garage rock four-piece, Hickey Underworld
Capable and surprisingly upbeat latest single from Californian nu-metal act, Papa Roach
Emotive and highly impressive concept album from durable heavy metal band Queensyrche, which, avoiding flag-waving,looks at the impact of war across the centuries upon its soldiers

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