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Gunfire 76 - Casualties and Tragedies

  by Peter Allison

published: 8 / 11 / 2009

Gunfire 76 - Casualties and Tragedies
Label: Derco Entertainment
Format: CD


Unimpressive glam rock on first album from Gunfire 76, the new project of former Murder Dolls front man Wednesday 13

'Casualties and Tragedies' is the debut release for Wednesday 13’s new band/side project, which has been co-written with Todd Youth, the lead singer of Chelsea Smiles, under the moniker of Gunfire 76. I was genuinely intrigued to hear what this pairing had to offer as I have always enjoyed Wednesday 13’s unique style, and I was very impressed with the Chelsea Smiles when they supported Wednesday 13’s last tour. Wednesday 13 has in the past commented that he does not want to be “just the guy who sings about graveyards and zombies every five seconds”, and I can appreciate that sentiment. Wednesday 13, however, is in somewhat of a Catch-22, for a lot of his appeal comes from the grim subject matter in his music being being sung in such an unapologetically enthusiastic manner that you cannot help but be carried along by it. When Wednesday 13 removes this aspect of his music, the result becomes generically palatable. Thus it seems that in the name of change, Wednesday 13 has sacrificed his unique musical strength in order to create a new sound. Whilst the resulting album is in no way bad per se, it loses the vital spark which is the reason why I enthuse about Wednesday 13. The CD is not exactly bad; but it is just not as good as he is capable of producing. Whilst it cannot be denied that the album has a significantly rawer and stronger glam rock influence than some fans of Wednesday 13 may appreciate, I found the overall result to be generic; and whilst it is nonetheless very well performed, it is not exceptionally so. With the skills that Wednesday 13 has proven in the past he possesses, I found this to be the most disappointing aspect. Some elements of the album do distinguish from the mediocrity. 'Nothing All I Need' is a very good song, as were the tracks 'One More Reason to Hate You', 'Tell You Like It Is', and 'What Did You Expect?'. But these were too little to make a difference, and merely impressed upon me how good it could have been. Overall this is an unimpressive album, Normally, an album by Wednesday 13 usually jumps up and grabs me, while this merely piqued my interest and left me disappointed.

Track Listing:-
1 Let's Kill The Hero
2 Casualties And Tragedies
3 Nothings All I Need
4 Los Angel-less
5 Rocket To Nowhere
6 Something For The Suffering
7 One More Reason To Hate You
8 Tell You Like It Is
9 What Did You Expect
10 Back To The Gutter
11 Get Me Through The Night

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