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Pink Punk - Zombie God Delicious

  by Peter Allison

published: 13 / 8 / 2009

Pink Punk - Zombie God Delicious
Label: Freeport Records
Format: CD


Intriguing and surprisingly effective combination of hip-hop, slam poetry, and rap-metal on unique second album from Pink Punk, the project of former nu-metal band One Minute Silence vocalist 'Yap' Barry

Before I say anything about Pink Punk’s actual music, I must state for the record that whoever named the album is a certified genius. As titles go, 'Zombie God Delicious' is eye-catchingly unique and intriguing. Pink Punk are an intriguing combination of hip-hop, slam poetry, and rap-metal. An allegory to this would be if Zach De La Rocha of Rage against the Machine shared writing duties with Busta Rhymes. This unusual combination of musical genres nonetheless works, and a lot of that is to do with how well it is performed. Despite the slow beat-poetry of 'Universe on Tap', the CD speeds up with 'Pink Punk Presents' as a poem in a classic industrial-metal structure. Similarly, 'Catalogue Democracy' is more break-beat poetry to a dark-trance/techno rhythm, with an exceptional chorus. One of the album’s highlights is the dystopian tale 'Old Enough” set to a techno track. Whilst this may not be to everyone’s tastes, especially purists who believe you cannot mix industrial-metal and techno with beat poetry (and on paper it seems a ludicrous proposition), Yap has taken incredibly diverse musical genres to create something utterly unique. If I had to level a criticism at this album, it would have to be that the change from chorus to verse can be inelegant at times, due in part to the structure of industrial-metal and techno not fully meshing with beat-poetry format. Although I could never foresee these tracks filling dance floors, this is still an impressive collection of tracks exploring Yap’s strong political views in an intriguing format that is surprisingly effective.

Track Listing:-
1 Universe on Tap
2 Pink Punk Presents
3 Catalogue Democracy
4 Old Enough to Die Old Enough to Listen
5 Advertising (ft. Bill Hicks)
6 Down a Hole with Alice
7 Lollipops
8 Press the Panic Buttons
9 Rockstars
10 Calling Time
11 Freedom
12 Outer Space
13 Zombie God Delicious (full album)

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