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Pink Punk - Zoo Politics

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 21 / 12 / 2005

Pink Punk - Zoo Politics
Label: Freeport Records
Format: CD


Impressive "Socially aware" techno punk from Pink Punk, the new band of former One Minute Silence front man Brian “Yap” Barry

This is the first album from former One Minute Silence front man Brian “Yap” Barry’s new band Pink Punk. It is not what I expected, but instead of being disappointed I was amazed by this record. After being a fan of One Minute Silence, I was expecting a much more straightforward affair, especially when I heard that he had called the group Pink Punk, but then again I should have expected no less from Yap than this politically loaded scathing attack on society. It is another example of “real” punk! 'Zoo Politics' has as much to do with lyrics as it is does with making music. This band are a statement, and this is what the world needs. Yap’s lyrics are more spoken word than sang and the music is more techno sounding than punk. This is how an album that is billed as a “Social commentary” should be. I had an argument with a former work colleague about Brummy chavs the Streets. “Why does anybody like them? They just talk about what they do. And it’s boring” I said. his comeback was that they doing a “Social Commentary”. I still think they’re just commenting rather than doing it in a “Socially aware” fashion, which is why it’s so refreshing to have a band like Pink Punk around. Their lyrics are both hard hitting and often amusing.“That second president was a bad apple. So was the one before him..” Yap says early on on 'America', immedately catching his listener's attention with the brutal honesty and take-no-prisoner style of these lyrics. The only really catchy “rock song” on the album is 'Porn Beat' which is rocking little number near the end of the album that gives your brain a little breathing space after all the information and defamation that’s gone before. Hopefully this band and this album will become popular and the message will spread. Although after listening to this, and having what ever optimism I had left pushed out, I do feel that the masses won’t get to hear this gem as it’s far too thoughtful for what the current mass media wants. I hope I am proved wrong.

Track Listing:-
1 Hope
2 Yapolitical
3 Controversy
4 Tick-Tock Living
5 Thrill Or Be Killed
6 Cockmonsters
7 Down We Go
8 Dawn Cracks
9 Porn Beat
10 America
11 Monkey TV
12 Bad Apples
13 One More For The Road
14 Do The Right Thing

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