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Peter Allison - Live Music Reviews

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Peter Allison enjoys a flawless set from New York-based hip-hop/rock trio the Fun Lovin' Criminals, who fifteen years into their career continue to mature and to get even better with time


Los Angeles metal veterans W.A.S.P. are now nearly thirty years into their career. Peter Allison finds them to have lost none of their energy or edge in a thunderous show at Rock City in Nottingham

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Plug, Sheffield, 18/9/2010

On the first date of a British tour, Peter Allison watches the Fun Lovin' Criminals play a humorous and energetic set in an atmospheric performance at the Plug in Sheffield


Peter Allison enjoys a night of music and tongue-in-cheek-theatricals with Rock and Roll circus freak-show, the Circus of Horrors, at the City Hall in Sheffield

Gunfire '76

Gunfire '76 - Rock City, Nottingham, 5/12/2009

Gunfire 76 is the new rock and roll band of glam rock/punk Wednesday 13. Peter Allison at Nottingham Rock City sees them play an incredible performance which far exceeds the excpetations set down by their somewhat disappoiinting debut album


At a show at the Sheffield Corporation, Peter Allison sees Netherlands-based musician Grendel, one of the leading exponents of the Electronic Body Music genre, put on an electrifying performance of hard-edged industrial/dance rock

Alabama 3

Although playing a somewhat more lacklustre show than usual, Peter Allison finds the Alabama 3 still to be on superb form at a show at Rock City in Nottingham

Julian Plenti

Peter Allison enjoys durable American act W.A.S.P.'s theatrical form of heavy metal at a show at Rock City in Nottingham


Miscellaneous - Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, 19/7/2009

At the Nottingham Splendour Festival, Peter Allison watches the Fun Lovin' Criminals play a set of rogueish charm, and a Pogues' performance quickly descend into chaos


At the Casbah in Sheffield, Peter Allison watches up-and-coming classic-rock infleunced group Remedy, who were on their first headlining tour, play a flawless and commanding set

Wednesday 13

At Nottingham Rock City, Peter Allison watches former Murder Dolls frontman and glam/punk star Wednesday 13 play a fantastic and energetic set

Harmony 400

Harmony 400 - Plug, Sheffield, 25/2/2008

Out on the road to promote their latest album, 'Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation', Peter Allison watches reformed 80's heavy metal band Hanoi Rocks play an acrobatic and energetic set of both new and classic material

Alabama 3

Alabama 3 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 8/10/2007

At the Nottingham Rescue Rooms Peter Allison watches acid house/country act Alabama 3 play an enthralling set to promote their latest album, 'M.O.R.'

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