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Wednesday 13 - Calling All Corpses

  by Peter Allison

published: 10 / 11 / 2011

Wednesday 13 - Calling All Corpses
Label: Wesneday 13
Format: CD


Unashamed party punk on latest album from former Murderdolls front man Wednesday 13 which finds him returning to his roots with immense style and humour

Wednesday 13 is back, not just with a new album, but also back to his horror-party infused punk-rock. 'Calling All Corpses' was appropriately released just in time for Halloween. As much as Wednesday 13 laments been known as “the guy who sings about zombies and graveyards every five minutes”, this is what he excels at, for no other musician can match his gleefully morbid style. Following a much-needed break from his infamous Wednesday 13 persona (during which he released the more serious 'Skeletons' album, fronted outlaw-country Bourbon Crew, formed the rock-and-roll Gunfire '76, and reformed the Murderdolls with drummer Joey Jordison) Wednesday 13 has returned to his roots and to what he does best: writing fun music. Imagine Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie recording a track inspired by the Ramones whilst both were high on laughing gas, and you have just an inkling of just how fun Wednesday 13's music can be. Song titles like 'One Knife Stand' or 'Ghoul of My Dreams', and lyrics that demand “Fry me like a KFC” in 'I Wanna Be Cremated', give an indication of Wednesday 13's music: humorously morbid. Wednesday 13's music could never be considered political, and it simply does not feel right when he is being serious such as on 'Skeletons'(in which he explored alcoholism), but this lack of seriousness does not lessen the quality of his music. Just because something is “fun” does not mean it can not be good, and Wednesday 13's 'Calling All Corpses' is very good. 'Calling All Corpses' needs to be listened to at full volume, whilst bouncing around a night club. This is unashamedly party punk and all the better for it. Some may criticise that 'Calling All Corpses' is merely more of the same, but when this is Wednesday at his best how can more of the same be a bad thing? My only complaint is that 'Calling All Corpses' occasionally feels flat, as the album lacks a certain energy, although I suspect this is from comparing how adrenaline-fuelled Wednesday 13 can be when playing live. For those of you waiting for Wednesday 13 to record his next “Fang Bang” album, your patience has been rewarded. 'Calling All Corpses' sees Wednesday 13 return to his party-rock days, and I for one could not be happier.

Track Listing:-
1 Blood Fades To Black
2 I Wanna Be Created
3 Ghoul Of My Dreams
4 One Knife Stand
5 Calling All Corpses
6 Miss Morgue
7 Silver Bullets
8 Bad At Being Human
9 London After Midnight
10 Candle For The Devil
11 We All Die
12 Something Wicked This Way Comes
13 Blood Fades To Black (Reprise)

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