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InMe - Phoenix: The Best of InMe

  by Peter Allison

published: 3 / 10 / 2010

InMe - Phoenix: The Best of InMe
Label: Graphite Records
Format: CD


Fine, but predictable compilation album from Essex-based alternative rock band, InMe

It has been fourteen years since Essex-based InMe first emerged onto the alternative rock scene. Having released four studio albums, as well as a live EP, their latest release is 'Phoenix', which comprises their greatest hits. 'Phoenix', however, should not be dismissed as a merely as their best-seller compilation, but as a biography of InMe’s career so far, and a hint of what is to come. InMe have always been a band that I felt I should listen to, but never found the time. With that in mind, 'Phoenix' is an excellent introduction to this incredible band. Whilst InMe have sometimes been identified as Emo, I personally found their style to be more Nu-Metal. Comparisons with Linkin Park are not incorrect, but only if Amy Lee’s evocative vocals were added. InMe is fronted by powerful lead vocalist Dave McPherson, who has the gift of roaring vocals without loss of articulation or intensity. Supporting Dave are his brother Greg and also Simon Taylor and Gaz Marlow; all of whom are excellent musicians and add to the tone of the lyrics Arranged by Dave McPherson, the album opens with 'Safe in a Room'. Although the choice of music on the album offers a sample from InMe’s musical career, I found that despite this broad range the music remains identifiably InMe and bordered on the formulaic. While 'Thanks for Leaving Me' and 'Chamber' reflect the diversity that InMe can offer, I found that this musical flexibility was never fully explored as much as I would have liked. Overall, 'Phoenix' makes an excellent introduction to a band that has earned justified acclaim. Whilst the selection of tracks may not be as diverse as I would have prefered, this CD is a perfect example of the music that InMe can produce.

Track Listing:-
1 Safe In A Room
2 Nova Armada
3 Myths And Photographs
4 Underdose
5 Bury Me Deep Beneath Your Skin
6 All Terrain Vehicle
7 Cracking The Whip
8 Firefly
9 Thanks For Believing Me
10 Single Of The Weak
11 Crushed Like Fruit
12 Thanks For Leaving Me
13 Faster The Chase
14 Chamber
15 Saccharine Arcadia
16 Daydream Anonymous

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