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Panic Room - Satellite

  by Peter Allison

published: 30 / 5 / 2010

Panic Room - Satellite
Label: Firefly Music
Format: CD


Confusing and unsatisfying second album from UK-based indie rock act, Panic Room

'Satellite' is the second album by UK based indie rock babd Panic Room and follows on from the release of their debut 'Visionary Position' from 2008. With the excellent reviews that 'Visionary Position' received, I was surprised to be disappointed with 'Satellite'. 'Satellite' is a confusing album. The opening tracks of 'Freedom to Breathe' and the Cure-esque 'I am a Cat' are excellent examples of classic indie rock. At just over its halfway point, the music, however, changes to a derivative indie-pop sound with 'Dark Star' and 'Muse'. What is good about this album is excellent. Anne-Marie Helder's vocals in particular are fantastic and she is supported by four exceptional musicians. The bland second half is, however, a tremendous disappointment and suggests a lack of direction. While some may appreciate diversity, I found this lack of cohesion to be immensely unsatisfying and indicative of a lack of direction. I must add that the album itself is visually impressive. Amy Teslin Davies' cover artwork in particular is very good and promotes the excellent production values of the album. Overall, Satellite is an album of varying quality that ultimately becomes an unsatisfying experience. While I will listen to 'Freedom to Breathe' again, I sincerely doubt I will be listening to it in full.

Track Listing:-
1 Freedom to Breathe
2 Picking up Knives
3 I Am a Cat
4 The Fall
5 Black Noise
6 Yasuni
7 Sunshine
8 Into the Fire
9 Dark Star
10 Muse
11 Satellite

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