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Various - Kung Fu Super Sounds

  by Peter Allison

published: 8 / 12 / 2008

Various - Kung Fu Super Sounds
Label: De Wolfe Music
Format: CD


Eccentric collection of previously unreleased soundtracks from Hong Kong film company the Shaw Brothers' kung fu films

Whilst some of the music I listen to can be categorised as "strange", 'Kung Fu Super Sounds' elevates my tastes to new heights of oddity. As some may recall, prior to the domination by Golden Harvest, the Shaw Brothers were the leaders in the Hong Kong Action Theatre market, and this CD is a celebration of their films. This CD collects unreleased tracks from such Shaw Brothers films as 'Dirty Ho', 'Invincible Shaolin' and 'The Bastard Swordsman'. I cannot deny that this is a decidedly odd album, compiling a diverse collection of tracks which range from a single note (!) to much longer compositions. Having said, that it is also quite good, and the music succeeds in invoking memories of those early kung fu movies that exist within our souls (I speak for myself here). Overall, I would have to admit that whilst quite liking this album, I believe it will probably only be of interest to those wish to reminisce over the Shaw Brothers films, or for samplers wanting an excellent source of iconic music.

Track Listing:-
1 Reg Tilsley- Counterspy
2 Paul Lewis- Horror House
3 Jack Trombey Suppression
4 Peter Knight- Drama Bridge
5 Jack Trombey- Waiting For The Man
6 Paul Ferris- Drama Sting 1
7 Ivor Slaney- Perception In Rhythm
8 Pierre Arvay- Grotte Sous-Marine
9 Edward Michael- Rite De La Terre-Earth
10 Eric Towren- Violence
11 Pete Willsher / Keith Cheshire- Old Dark House
12 Roger Webb- Moonbird
13 Pete Willsher / Keith Cheshire- Dr Witch-Wot
14 Pierre Arvay- Spin Out
15 Reg Tilsley- Tension Trip
16 Don Harper- Troubled Mind
17 Reg Tilsley- Crime Club
18 Don Harper- Fast-Moving Stranger
19 Reg Tilsley- Violent Pay Off
20 Reg Tilsley- Violence Link 1
21 Ronald Marquisee- Electro Beat 5
22 Jack Trombey- Counter Kill
23 Derek Scott- Two Minutes Precisely
24 Reg Tilsley- Industrial Complex
25 Ronald Marquisee- Electro Beat
26 Jack Trombey- Red Sequence
27 Ronald Marquisee- Electro Link 18
28 Barry Stoller- For And Against
29 Frank Rothman- Bitter Lemons
30 Pierre Arvay- The Mystified Man
31 Spencer Nakin- The Tournament
32 Johnny Hawksworth- Duck & Blacker
33 Frank Rothman- Face To Face
34 Jack Trombey- Sentry
35 Paul Ferris- In The Shadows
36 Peter Francklyn- Jackboot
37 Robin Artus / Johnny Hawksworth- Dogarnit
38 John Saunders- Zenith
39 Eric Towren- Abimes Souterrains
40 Sam Spence- Moog Shot 25
41 Jack Trombey- Manoeuvres
42 Paul Lewis- Nerve Stretch 2
43 Jack Trombey- Dodge City 1

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