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Desalvo - Mood Poisoner

  by Peter Allison

published: 26 / 10 / 2008

Desalvo - Mood Poisoner
Label: Rock Action Records
Format: CD


Attention-seeking, but remorselessly relentless grind core on debut album from Glaswegian punk quartet, Desalvo

Every so often an album comes along that stands out from the crowd. Unfortunately some stand out for all the wrong reasons. 'Mood Poisoner' is one of those that stand out for the aforementioned wrong reasons… The debut album from this Glaswegian punk quartet is a relentless grind-core of punk rock, upon which Desalvo describe themselves as loud, in your face, on a mission, and demanding that they need to be heard. This demand for attention, however, translates into something not unlike a toddler’s temper-tantrum when they do not get their own way. Normally,this would be excusable, if the tracks compensated for this excessive attention-seeking. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 'Mood Poisoner' is mercilessly and remorselessly repetitive, forgoing any attempts of flexibility or versatility. The vocals quite frankly sound like those of a demented dalek with explosive verbal diarrhoea; I can only assume this is an unsuccessful attempt to sound like Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth. Having said that, musically, Desalvo are actually technically competent, demonstrating a significant degree of ability in their drumming, with equally exceptional guitar work. What would have been better, however, is if they had allowed themselves a greater depth to work with. One other aspect that I find irritating is the nature of the titles of their songs. The inflammatory ‘Cock Swastika’ is one such case in point. One can only assume it comes as part of their demand to be heard, but for me it was simply embarrassing to the extreme. Overall, this is a band and an album that simply did not impress me, with the only noteworthy exception being the impressive drumming and guitar work on offer, which was unfortunately over-shadowed by the Demented Dalek.

Track Listing:-
1 Brown Flag
2 Tonguescraper Parts 1 and 2
3 Ripper Situation
4 Latrine Lizard
5 Get Black
6 Oedipus Rising
7 Schindler’s Lift
8 Questionable Sport
9 Spandoflage
10 Cock Swastika

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