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Rock Action Records


De Rosa (2016)

Superb folk pop on first album in seven years from former Chemikal Underground signing, De Rosa

Desalvo (2008)

Mood Poisoner
Attention-seeking, but remorselessly relentless grind core on debut album from Glaswegian punk quartet, Desalvo

Envy (2007)

Thoughtful and passionate hardcore on latest EP from Japanese outfit Envy, who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records

Errors (2008)

It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever
Splendid debut album from Glaswegian four piece Errors who marry post-rock and upbeat electronica with suprisingly effective results

Kling Klang (2007)

The Esthetik of Destruction
Challenging and confrontational debut album from Krautrock-obsessed Liverpool-based industrial group, Kling Klang

Mogwai (2011)

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Provocative seventh album from post rockers Mogwai, which finds them reinventing themselves with spectacular results

Remember Remember (2008)

Remember Remember
Oddly appealing debut album from enigmatic Glaswegian musician Remember Remember whose brand of would-be intellectual minimalism brings back happy memories of the Penguin Café Orchestra and the Durutti Column

Remember Remember (2009)

The Dancing
Radio friendly, but ultimately disappointing post-rock on vinyl only single from Glaswegian-based musician, Remember Remember

Torche (2007)

Fiery and scabrous-sounding stoner rock on self-titled debut album from Torche, the new project of former Cavity and Floor stars, Steve Brooks and Juan Montoya

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