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Remedy - Strange Fast Now

  by Peter Allison

published: 19 / 3 / 2009

Remedy - Strange Fast Now
Label: Global Music
Format: CDS


Strong debut EP from South Shields-based hard rock band Remedy who have elements of the Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin

‘Strange Fast Now’ is the debut EP from the South Shields-based Remedy, a classic rock four-piece with elements of the Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure. Opening with the roaring 'Last Demand', a track that is subtly underscored with an almost ethnic bass line, ‘Strange Fast Now’ proves that Remedy have attitude and ability, and are most definitely here to stay. One notable aspect of listening to this EP is that each track is significantly longer than the contemporarily average, and this is most definitely a good thing. These extended track lengths allow Remedy the opportunity to expand and explore their songs in depth and also each member to display their individual talents. My only criticism is that ‘Strange Fast Now’ lacks a central theme or structure that the tracks can be connected through. This was perhaps though unavoidable, as the EP was intentionally comprised of individual singles to display Remedy’s potential. Having said that, Remedy’s attitude and the individual rip roaring tracks promise they are best heard live. Jenn Cherene as Remedy’s lead singer deserves special mention, displaying an impressive vocal range despite her almost elfin appearance. Likewise, Graham Haswell is an agile lead guitarist with a strong line in guitar solos. Overall, this is a noteworthy EP, that proves Remedy have the potential to create some really fantastic music in the future. Music, which this reviewer will be most definitely interested in hearing.

Track Listing:-
1 Last Demand
2 Desire
3 Learn To Speak
4 Midnight Til Morning
5 Priests & Preachers
6 Sacred Deep Inside

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