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Anthony Strutt - Reviews

Death and Vanilla

The Tenant
Live soundtrack to the 1976 film by Roman Polanski from Swedish avant-garde group Death and Vanilla

Joss Cope

Unrequited Lullabies
Excellent 1960's and psychedelic-influenced debut solo album from Julian Cope's brother Joss Cope

Bernard Herrmann

Psycho - From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Impressively presented limited edition vinyl only single which features the best known tracks from Alfred Hitchcock's film 'Psycho'


Fresh Air
Compelling but difficult new live radio sessions album recorded in America from German avant-garde experimentalists Faust

Neighbourhood Strange

Let's Get High/ One Last Chance
Impressive second vinyl single from Stonehenge-based psychedelic band the Neighbourhood Strange

Pink Fairies

Naked Radio
Solid first album in thirty years from legendary underground and early 70's psychedelic band, the Pink Fairies


The Band Drinks For Free
Enjoyable latest album from New York-based garage rockers the Fleshtones who are currently celebrating their fortieth anniversary

Freak Party

Firefly/You Can Drum But You Can't Hide (Firefly Begins)
Disappointing and cleaned-up new 7 inch of Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke's pre Smiths funk band Freak Party

Is Bliss

Velvet Dreams
Blissed out shoegaze/psychedelia on debut 12 inch vinyl only EP from Portsmouth-based band Is Bliss

Orange Drop

Stoned in Love
Excellent slice of psychedelic pop from Philadelphia-based band, the Orange Drop

Scott and Charlene's Wedding

Mid Thirties Single Scene
Fabulous third album from Scott and Charlene's Wedding, the project of Australian-born but now New York-based singer-songwriter Craig Dermody


Songs From the Pale Eclipse
Enjoyable yet unsatisfactory latest album from Los Angeles-based psychedelic band, the Warlocks

Missing Souls

Sweet Sweet Sadie/The Alligator
Fabulous seven inch vinyl single from young French garage/psychedelic rock act, the Missing Souls


Get Back
Excellent DVD documentary which tells of Liverpool's music history from the 1950s until now

Paul Martin

It Happened
Stunning rediscovered lost nuggets from little known 1960's American psychedelic musician, Paul Martin

Gringo Star

The Sides and In Between
Upbeat and humorous psychedelic pop on fourth album from Atlanta band, Gringo Star

Luck of Eden Hall

The End of the Lane/Blown to Kingdom Come
Fine slice of oddness on 7 inch from underground Chicago-based band, the Luck of Eden Hall

Urusei Yatsura

You Are My Urusei Yatsura
Excellent vinyl-only radio sessions compilation album from 90's Glaswegian fuzz rock band, Uresei Yatsura


Tau Tau Tau
Mystical and extraordinary psychedelia/World folk music on debut album from avant-garde outfit, Tau

Tom Lockett

Feeling Bad
Fine debut single from Tom Lockwood, the ex-frontman of Stoke-based band, Electroshock Therapy


Pierced Arrow
Impressive second album of modern blues classics from the Rides, the current band of Crosby, Stills and Nash's Stephen Stills


Excellent debut album from label mates, James Chapman of Maps and singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood, who make more magic together with their new project OnDeadWaves than they do by themselves

Bob Dylan

Fallen Angels
Fabulous thirty-seventh album from Bob Dylan, which is his second album in succession to cover songs from the 1940s and 1950s originally recorded by Frank Sinatra

Neighbourhood Strange

Neighbourhood Strange/Wytches Sky
Stunning debut seven inch single from new Stonehenge-based five-piece the Neighbourhood Strange who include Julian Cope in their fan club

Ian Mcnabb

Respectfully Yours
Stunning set of covers on new album from Icicle Works’ frontman and solo artist, Ian McNabb

Beth Orton

Experimental sixth album from critically acclaimed British singer-songwriter and musician, Beth Orton


Blind Spot
Stunning comeback EP from legendary act,Lush

Dead Rabbits

The Ticket That Exploded
Excellent reissue of debut album from 2013 for Southampton-based alternative rock band, Dead Rabbits

Shaker Hymn

Do You Think You're Clever?
Fine debut from hotly-tipped Cork-based alternative rock outfit, the Shaker Hymn

Dead Skeletons

Live in Berlin
First-rate live album recorded in Berlin from psychedelic Icelandic band, Dead Skeletons

Virgin Suicide

Virgin Suicide
Fine debut album from 90’s alternative rock-influenced Danish radio favourites, Virgin Suicide

Lightning in a Twilight Hour

And All the Ships at Sea
Stunning vinyl-only mini-album from Lightning in a Twilight Hour, the latest project from Bobby Wratten, the former frontman with the Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars

Mayflower Madame

Observed in a Dream
First-rate 1980's-influenced alternative rock on self-titled debut album from Norwegian outfit, Mayflower Madame


Unimpressive and disappointing debut album from new three-piece Italian band, Deadsmoke


Hit and miss remix album for Bristol band Spectres of their debut album 'Dying', which has thhe desired effect of being stunning and irritating in equal measure

Black Rainbows

Stellar Prophecy
Flawed and self-indulgent latest album from metal-influenced Italian three-piece, Black Rainbows

United Sounds of Joy

United Sounds of Joy
Often surprisingly upbeat self-titled debut album from United States of Joy, which reunites ex-Dream City Film Club members, Michael J. Sheehy and Alex Vlad



President Sweetheart

I Play My Shadow
Excellent debut album from new Devon/Cornwall-based super group, which has been released in a limited vinyl edition of three hundred copies and and on download only on Neil Halstead of Slowdive's label Big Potato Records

Hanging Stars

Over the Silvery Lake
Fine debut album from London-based collective the Hanging Stars, the latest group of Richard Olson from the Eighteenth Day of May and the See See

Desert Mountain Tribe

Either That or the Moon
Fine debut album from London-based three-piece rock outfit, Desert Mountain Tribe


Magnificent second album from St Petersburg-based shoegazing act, Pinkshinyultrablast

Sharon Robinson

Inventive collection of covers in first in a new series of EPs from American singer, Sharon Robinson

Pete Astor

Spilt Milk
Excellent sixth solo album from former Loft and Weather Prophets front man and veteran singer-songwriter, Pete Astor

Ringo Deathstarr

Pure Mood
Sublime third album from Austin, Texas-based shoegazing/psychedelic act, Ringo Deathstarr

Mark Peters and Elliot Ireland

Deep Blue
Beautifully arranged and delicate download only album from Engineers man, Mark Peters, and his friend, Elliot Ireland

Strawberry Whiplash

Stuck in the Never Ending Now
First-rate second album from Glaswegian indie pop duo Strawberry Whiplash , whose music takes its influence from the best side of the 1960s


The Complete Professionals
Finely-packaged three CD retrospective which compiles together the complete works of Steve Jones and Paul Cook’s post Sex Pistols band, the Professionals


Fine debut album from 80's-influnced alternative rock/pop band Chorusgirl, which will appeal to both Goth and indie pop fans

Victories At Sea

Everything Forever
Over poppy but promising debut album from 80's-influenced Birmingham-based newcomers Victories At Sea, which is being released on vinyl in a limited edition of three hundred copies


Cradle to the Grave
Fantastic comeback album from Squeeze who return to the studio after an eighteen year break

Optic Nerve

Penelope Tuesday/Here to Stay
Fine limited vinyl only single from 60's-influenced Brooklyn-based band the Optic Nerve, which is only their third single since they first formed in the 1980s

Ian Mcnabb

Fantastic limited edition new studio album which finds Liverpool-born singer-songwriter Ian McNabb returning mostly to songs from his back cstalogue and rocking them up

Air Formation

Were We Ever Here
Excellent limited edition twelve inch coloured vinyl comeback EP from Brighton space rock band, Air Formation.

Wrong Society

She Destroyed Me/Without You
Fine garage rock on seven inch vinyl only single from the Wrong Society, who are Germany's answer to the Strypes


Children of the Grave/Softest
Fabulous limited seven inch vinyl only single from New York-based Acid punks, Worthless

Yeah Yeah Noh

Automatically Saturday
Fine but overdue return from Oadby's best band Yeah Yeah Noh, who have with this released their second studio album thirty years after their debut album

Red-sided Garter Snakes

Endless Sea
Strong debut album from the Red-sided Garter Snakes, the new project of former Chameleons guitarist Dave Fielding, and drummer John Lever


1000 Days
Delightful third album in just thirteen months from 60's-influenced Los Angeles-based band, Wand

Catenary Wires

Red Red Skies
Acoustic and heartfelt debut album from Catenary Waves, the new band of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly and Tender Trap's Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey

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