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Neighbourhood Strange - Let's Get High/ One Last Chance

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 5 / 2017

Neighbourhood Strange - Let's Get High/ One Last Chance
Label: Strange Recordings
Format: 7"


Impressive second vinyl single from Stonehenge-based psychedelic band the Neighbourhood Strange

The Neighbourhood Strange release their second vinyl only single and it most definitely lights my fire indeed. The band have something special in that they fall somewhere between a 60's psychedelic and an 80's garage rock revival act. They do it all at their own pace under the watchful eye of local neighbour Julian Cope who is a fan. They speed along within their own swagger without trying too damn hard. 'Let's Get High' sways its long hair into the summer sunshine. A song built around riffs and Hammond organ, it sucks you in its seductive manner. It's full of blended sounds that set your feet moving on the dance floor. It's AA side 'One Last Chance' does stand up as well, but within it stands a song that could have been shot out by the Stones once their flares started to get that tad bit longer. A decent pair of songs for my ears anyhow.

Track Listing:-
1 Let's Get High
2 One Last Chance

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