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Pink Fairies - Naked Radio

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 2 / 2017

Pink Fairies - Naked Radio
Label: Gonzo Multimedia
Format: CD


Solid first album in thirty years from legendary underground and early 70's psychedelic band, the Pink Fairies

The Pink Fairies have throughout their 45-year career remained a cult band. They came originally out of the early 70’s underground movement, playing a stoner type of psychedelic rock. The current line-up of the band was formed out of a line-up of the Deviants, the band of the late Mick Farren who wrote three numbers on this album. At one stage ‘Naked Radio’ was going to be recorded by the Deviants, before becoming the Pink Fairies’ first album since '87, who, now fronted by Andy Colquhoun, today remain as much as a cult band as they did back in the early 70’s. ‘Naked Radio’ is a solid piece of work lasting just under an hour and consists of mostly blues-based riff-heavy music that still retains the original magic of London's psychedelic underground. It opens up with ‘Golden Bud’, which has a tribal rhythm that hypnotises instantly and which is raw, brutal, beautiful and solid, at times hinting of the similar live jams of the Velvet Underground. The Hills are Burnin' has more of a commercial feel, and a coolness to it making it very likeable. ‘Runnin' Outa Road’, is a heads-down blues-styled rocker that would make ZZ Top proud. ‘When the Movie's All Thru' is the first Mick Farren track and has a deeper feel but remains dark, while its guitar solos really does carry it to somewhere else. ‘I Walk Away’ is more punky and played in a faster fashion. ‘You Lied to Me’ is a foot-tapper but underneath it's a very sad blues tale. ‘Midnight Crisis’ is full of anger and frustration, and worthy of being a single in another life. ‘Stopped at the Border’ is doom-laden, while ‘Spellbound’ builds slowly to an intense climax. ‘Down to the Wire’ is another number that ZZ Top would be proud of. ‘Skeleton Army’ is another song written by Farren and is very much a guitar heavy number, and is followed by ‘Mick’, a tribute to their friend. The title track ‘Naked Radio’ is again written by Farren and is a song which haunts in traditional Pink Fairies fashion and rocks hard. It all ends with the ‘Roll Over Beethoven’-styled ‘Deal Deal’, which smashes the notes home. A decent return for the Fairies.

Track Listing:-
1 Golden Bud
2 The Hills Are Burnin'
3 Runnin' Out Of Road
4 When The Movie's All Thru
5 I Walk Away
6 You Lied To Me
7 Midnite Crisis
8 Stopped At The Border
9 Spellbound
10 Down To The Wire
11 Skeleton Army
12 Mick
13 Naked Radio
14 Deal Deal

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