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Gringo Star - The Sides and In Between

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 17 / 10 / 2016

Gringo Star - The Sides and In Between
Label: Nevado Music
Format: CD


Upbeat and humorous psychedelic pop on fourth album from Atlanta band, Gringo Star

I didn't know much about Atlanta-based band Gringo Star before but their blend of psychedelic pop is very much to my tastes. 'The Sides and In Between', which is their fourth album, opens up with 'Rotten', which has a familiar twang that warms you instantly as singer Nicholas Furgiuele's honey-soaked vocals flow gently over a 50's rock and roll heartbeat. 'Magic' is fun from its start. Distorted vocals add to its sense of playfulness, which combines Supergrass-shaped words over jangly Shadows guitar play. 'Get Closer' is a grunge number but with added Britpop-infused humour, a headbopper of much fun. 'Still Alive' is an Alex Turner-shaped vocal line, but is like slapstick comedy wrapped up in a song. 'Going Home' is oddly shaped, starting with the sound of seagulls crying, before a sleepy Ray Davies=styled melody emerges out of it like an English Beach Boys. 'Knee Deep' has an acoustic swagger. It is almost like a desert- styled Lee Hazlewood which pleases me no end. 'Heading South' is a jolly, banjo-based number, which is almost like an out take from the Beatles' 'The White Album' in its feel, Its light-hearted tone reminds me a bit of the fun McCartney had during 'RAM'. 'Undone' is a masterclass of 'Pet Sounds' summertime pop and sounds as fresh as the summer itself. 'It's You' recalls the mid-60's doomy rhythm and blues of bands such as, say, the Animals, while 'The Last Trace' is very catchy, a jump up and down psychedelic trip of a number to end this fine record.

Track Listing:-
1 Rotten
2 Magic
3 Get Closer
4 Still Alive
5 Going Home
6 Knee Deep
7 Heading South
8 Undone
9 It's You
10 The Last Trace

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