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Tau - Tau Tau Tau

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 6 / 9 / 2016

Tau - Tau Tau Tau
Label: Fuzz Club Records
Format: CD


Mystical and extraordinary psychedelia/World folk music on debut album from avant-garde outfit, Tau

Tau started recording this, their debut album on the day it was announced that David Bowie had died and nine days later it was completed. The band consists of main member Nunutzi, a Dublin-born Berlin resident, alongside Gerald Pasqualin who is Venezuelan-born. The album was inspired by a pilgrimage through Wirikuta in North West Mexico. Tau itself means Father Sun. It is an album of mystical delights upon which psychedelic music is twisted around World folk music to its best advantage. Added assistance was provided by Knox Chandler of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Earl Harvin of Tindersticks along with various others. The record is haunted by spirits from the past, and is sung in both English and Gaelic. It opens with 'Mother' which hypnotises in a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fashion. It gently rocks and pushes you from side to side, slowly seducing you and making you stoned to its inner patterns. 'The Bridge of Khajov' comes over like a slow acid folk number obscured by its many different directions, and is like an updated Incredible String Band especially during their 'The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion' period. 'Mo Anam Cara'is acoustic-paced and reminiscent of the Beatles in approximately 1965/1966. it turns soon to flower power, but with a country twist to add to its bitterness and is a lot like Love reconstructed. 'The Midnight Jaguar' is so very lonesome. The vocal is an almost desperate cry over a Nick Cave construction. It picks up pace halfway through with chant-like rhythms, like Kong searching for his Fay Wray. 'I See You; is slow and acoustic, a heartbreaker of the Leonard Cohen variety, with some added flute and a million miles away from chart pop. 'Venadito' is more African and tribal, with lutes and strummed guitars that rock slowly. 'Kauyumari' calls from the mountains of yore, As ancient as the air itself, this music is timeless, a virgin canvas to paint your own picture on. Its complex textures recall 'Pet Sounds', all in one song for the acid heads out there. 'Espiral' is like the Doors on another planet and both hypnotic and psychedelic. 'Tara' is again like the Doors, but more like a Mexican jazz-flavoured version. It is full of mystical charms, very seductive and sad, and drowns you in it's rhythm. A very different and exciting record, an album for real musos to discover.

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