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Orange Drop - Stoned in Love

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 12 / 2016

Orange Drop - Stoned in Love
Label: Mega Dodo
Format: CD


Excellent slice of psychedelic pop from Philadelphia-based band, the Orange Drop

Vocalist Marc-Andre Basile has behind him a cool band of players with Anthony Bove on drums, Matt Calhoun on bass and Peter Stanko completing the line-up on guitar. This is a killer of an album. It starts off with 'Juniper Pearl', which opens up with light jingle-jangle guitar that instantly reminds me of the Who's 'So Sad About Us and the Doors' 'The End' . Marc's vocal is softly light and trippy, and it floats around like the best years of Creation Records. 'The Curse of Kukaku' recollects Buffalo Springfield, while Marc's vocals are very much like those of Bobby Gillespie. It definitely takes you on a journey worth taking or, to be more exact, you trip together on it. 'Make It Her Forever' starts off in a mystical fashion and is quite dreamy in a Kula Shaker fashion, before it opens with a big guitar sound and a passionate vocal from Marc that drips like warm honey over flesh. 'Julia Dream' is more fluffy and in the vein of the Incredible String Band. It floats by as if it is still in 1973, and is completely away with the fairies. 'Substance D' is a short minute long instrumental, which is mystical and an experiment in sound. 'J'Admets' is like a decent Primal Scream number sung in French and has some rather lovely psychedelic backing. 'Hey Man' is acoustic to start. It smoothly runs along, before it besomes more fuzzed up and groovy. 'Part 2' carries it on in fine style. It all ends with 'If You Feel It, which again edges on Primal Scream territory and is a swinger of a tune, ending a fine album of great psychedelic tunes.

Track Listing:-
1 Juniper Pearl
2 The Curse of Kukaku
3 Make It Her, Forever
4 Julia Dream
5 Substance D
6 J'admets
7 Hey Man
8 Pt II
9 If You Feel It

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