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Mega Dodo


62 Miles From Space (2017)

Time Shifts EP
Moscow-based Internet collaborators 62 Miles From Space take off to discover a psychedelic past in the present

Alison O' Donnell (2017)

Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace
Mellow Candle founder Alison O’Donnell’s new album is a collaboration with David Colohan of United Bible Studies but offers much more than its folk and electronica tag might suggest

biG GRunt (2016)

In Session
First-rate vinyl only EP from biG GRunt, Vivian Stanshall's post Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, which compiles together and officially releases four songs recorded for a John Peel show in 1970

Crystal Jacqueline (2020)

A Prayer for the Birds
New album from the Honey Pot’s Crystal Jacqueline, one side of which is taken up by a suite of songs inspired by her love of nature and the environment

Crystal Jacqueline (2017)

Await the Queen
Fantastic double album from neo-psych queen Crystal Jacqueline which features seventeen new tracks and takes her and producer Icarus Peel’s work to a new level.

Green Seagull (2018)

Scarlet Fever
Enjoyable but flawed album from London band Green Seagull which simply rehashes its 60's influences

Green Seagull (2018)

(I Used to Dream In) Black and White/Not Like You and Me
First rate neo psychedelia on second single from this new band out of the London scene, Green Seagull

Green Seagull (2017)

Scarlet/They Just Don't Know
Enjoyable new single from London psych-pop band Green Seagull which alternately soothes and swings

Icarus Peel (2016)

Forget Me Not Under Pussy Willow
Fourth solo album from the Honey Pot’s Icarus Peel is a concept album about an undertaker, which is steeped in the sounds of the classic concept albums of the 1960s but also more

Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign (2018)

The Window on the Side of Your Head
Exuberant latest album from psychedelic-influenced Welsh musician Icarus Peel whose new power trio provide a hefty dose of Hendrix-inspired rock

Luck of Eden Hall (2016)

The End of the Lane/Blown to Kingdom Come
Fine slice of oddness on 7 inch from underground Chicago-based band, the Luck of Eden Hall

Mark and The Clouds (2017)

Excellent 60's-inspired second album from London-based psychedelic/pop band Mark and The Clouds

Mordecia Smyth (2017)

The Mayor of Toytown is Dead
Second album in six years from Mordecai Smyth, which is on Mega Dodo and finds Smyth moving further into prog pastures

Octopus Syng (2016)

Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt
Excellent new album from premier Finnish psychedelic band Octopus Syng which reflects on love, loss, longing and emotional closure

Octopus Syng (2019)

Victorian Wonders
First-class latest album from Finland’s premier psychedelic band Octopus Syng which draws comparisons with early Pink Floyd

Orange Drop (2016)

Stoned in Love
Excellent slice of psychedelic pop from Philadelphia-based band, the Orange Drop

Richard Bone (2017)

Age of Falconery
Lush ambience on new album from award-winning Georgia-based electronic instrumentalist Richard Bone

Toby Twirl (2017)

Toby Twirl
Almost fifty years after they disbanded Newcastle’s Toby Twirl release their debut album of 60's covers and originals from tapes found in its drummer’s attic

Us and Them (2017)

When I Was Walking/Green Couch
Swift follow-up single to a covers EP of Sandy Denny songs from Swedish acid-folk duo Us and Them, this time containing two original songs

Us and Them (2018)

On Shipless Ocean
Second full-length album from Swedish duo Us And Them finds them developing the psych-folk they are known for even further

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