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Neighbourhood Strange - Neighbourhood Strange/Wytches Sky

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 3 / 7 / 2016

Neighbourhood Strange - Neighbourhood Strange/Wytches Sky
Label: LSD Records
Format: 7"


Stunning debut seven inch single from new Stonehenge-based five-piece the Neighbourhood Strange who include Julian Cope in their fan club

The Neighbourhood Strange instantly won me over even before I heard a note with their psychedelic name. Music, especially new music, should grab you by the balls and throw you across the room, and the Neighbourhood Strange certainly do that. If not, why bother, unless, of course, you're just in it for the money and the fame? With only two songs, I'm already queuing behind Julian Cope, who has also declared himself a fan. The self-titled A-side bursts into the room like a wild maniac, and is the sort of song that came out when punk had its first bursts of frustration in the States in the mid-60s in small garages up and down the land. It is as cool and as fresh as the Seeds, but with added Hammond organ grabbing a ticket to ride. 'Wytches Sky' keeps up the rock steady beat, like prime time Stooges, Iggy Pop fronting the mid-80s fuel-injected power house that was the sound of the Paisley Underground of the Dream Syndicate. In essence, a true nugget.

Track Listing:-
1 Wytches Sky

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