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Andy Vincent


Ian Wills and the Willing

At the Guilfest festival in Surrey, Andy Vincent speaks to former drug addict , self-made millionaire and acclaimed electronica artist Ian Wills about his strong social conscience and band the Willing's forthcoming second album, 'Heroes and Villains'

Strung Out
A Wilhelm Scream
Senses Fail

At their first British show in four years at the Underworld in London, Andy Vincent speaks to Jake Riley from Californian punks about their just released seventh full length album, 'Black Hawks over Los Angeles', and long standing relationship with their label Fat Wreck Records
Andy Vincent chats to rising American punk metal band A Wilhelm Scream in a second interview with Pennyblackmusic about their first European headline tour and their forthcoming third album
Senses Fail have received much acclaim for their second album, 'Still Searching', and recently played the Taste of Chaos tour for rising punk/emo bands. Andy Vincent chats to guitarist Heath Saraceno on its London date about touring and the group's plans for the future

Stretch Arm Strong

Japanese hardcore outfit Envy released their latest album 'Insomniac Doze' on Mogwai's Rock Action label. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa talks to Andy Vincent about his group's longevity and why, after nearly 15 years together, their priorities haven't changed
Massachusetts-based punk metal band A Wilhelm Scream talk to Andy Vincent at a gig at the London Astoria supporting Anti Flag about touring the UK and recent changes in their personnel
Hardcore punks Stretch Arm Strong recently toured with Story of the Year to promote their fourth album 'Free at Last'. Andy Vincent talks to singer Chris McLane about the tour, the record, and the band's plans to help to create a new musical movement

Favourite Albums


In his first article for us new Pennyblackmusic writer Andy Vincent writes about the impact hardcore/punk band Thrice's album 'The Artist in the Ambulance' had on him after he unexpectedly discovered them at the start of his college's summer holidays


Black Arc
Munroe Effect

Intelligent hardcore on debut EP from new band, Black Arc
Superb debut single from Portsmouth-based indie guitar outfit, Munroe Effect
Formulaic, strictly-by-numbers girl-fronted indie rock on debut album from rising new group the Neutrinos
Compelling compilation from now defunct hardcore rockers Centrifuge, the debut release of promising new label Welikedanger

Truckdriver Jr
You Judas
Hot Gossip
Honour Among None

Versatile riff-based post-rock on debut EP from small town Midlanders Truckerdriver Jr
Impressively noisy and anguished new album from atmospheric shoegazing outfit You Judas
Fantastic angular pop rock from new Italian trio Hot Gossip
Juvenile debut EP from nevertheless exciting, rising Welsh metal band Honour Among None

Death Before Dishonor
These Arms Are Snakes
Holy Mountain

Energetic old school hardcore rock on re-release of American band Death Before Dishonour's debut album from 2004, 'Firends Family Forever'
Catchy third full length album in four years from enthusiastic emo punks Latterman, who show no signs with this record of letting up or slowing down
Deranged, confusing second album from Seattle hardcore rockers, These Arms are Snakes
Awakward, unimaginative political hardcore from American punks, Holy Mountain

Sinking Ships
Scouts Honor

Mature, heavyweight hardcore punk on very impressive third album from rising stars of Canadian rock Alexisonfire
Abrasive, appealing hardcore on second album from Seattle-based punks, Sinking Ships
Experimental, but confusing punk rock on second album from Illinois-based trio, Scouts Honour
Fantastic hardcore post rock on latest album from long running Japanese band Envy, released on Mogwai's Rock Action Records

City And Colour
Love Equals Death

Surprisingly uninspiring new single from the City and the Colour, the solo project of Alexisonfire's Dallas Green
Perfect summery punk on first album from Pennyslvanian-group Armalite, whose line-up includes former Atom and His Package front man Atom Goren
Impressively trashy punk rock which recollects both Billy Idol and Anti Flag from recent Fat Wreck signings Love Equals Death
Exciting debut EP from Portsmouth-based thrash pop quintet Fivemiledrive

Beatglider v Shinri

Over indulgent and drawn out second album from durable Leeds band Polaris
Sometimes exhilirating, sometimes pedestrian guitar rock from British band Lords
Intriguing, but too gently-paced post rock on split EP from Essex-based outfits, Beatglider and Shinri
Catchy, pretension-free American debut release from ex-Busted frontman Charlie Simpson's new emo band, Fightstar

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