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A Wilhelm Scream - Interview

  by Andy Vincent

published: 12 / 2 / 2007

A Wilhelm Scream - Interview


Andy Vincent chats to rising American punk metal band A Wilhelm Scream in a second interview with Pennyblackmusic about their first European headline tour and their forthcoming third album

American punk metal band A Wilhelm Scream embarked upon their first European headline tour in March starting with the United Kingdom and then proceeding to Europe, Having met with the band on one of their previous tours supporting Anti-Flag, Pennyblackmusic caught up with guitarist Chris Levesque to discuss how the tour was going, new album plans and the difficulties of playing a show every night and taking over the role of tour manager in the daytime. As well as Chris, the group also features Trevor Reilly (guitar, vocals), Nick Angelini (drums) and Brian Robinson (bass, vocals) and has to date released two albums, 'Mute Print' (2004)and 'Ruiner' (2006). The tour to date has seen A Wilhelm Scream play every major small venue throughout the UK, but not without difficulties. Chris explains that despite the shows being some of the best the band have ever played he's just “fucking exhausted”. A culmination of playing highly energetic punk, travelling long distances and taking on the role of tour manager following some difficulties with their regular tour manager has left Chris feeling drained. In many cases, this would probably affect the show itself, wouldn't it? Chris explains: “No not at all, it's like... I do all this work and put in these long ass days so I get to play these shows in the evening. The show is my fun bit... Thinking about it... I haven't eaten today..” It is this kind of determination that will pave the way for the band's already fast growing fame. Since the last time Pennyblackmusic met Chris, and also Brian, during their stint on Anti-Flag's European tour last year, the band have found themselves not only with a more established and growing fanbase but some way into developing a highly anticipated third and as-yet-untitled album. Chris' excitement about it is clear. “We've spent a lot more time writing music, whereas last time we had a few ideas for some riffs and stuff. Now we've got some full blown songs that are like... down. It's sounding amazing. It's great.” On hearing this, the thought of maybe new influences coming to the fore springs to mind. This may be the case but the band don't find the need to establish these. Their love for the music they play is clear in their support for their peers. On being asked about influences for the record Chris' answer is blunt. “One band, Propaghandi every time, listen to Propaghandi... they're the best band ever.” So, onto the future. The band are looking forward to the new album, which, if 'Ruiner' is anything to go by, will be fantastic. A busy year seems to be set out for the band, with new videos, yet more touring and, we presume, listening to a lot of Propaghandi. A Wilhelm Scream are likely the be the leaders of their field in a short time, and they deserve it. The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Katie Anderson exclusively for Pennyblackmusic.

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A Wilhelm Scream - Interview

A Wilhelm Scream - Interview

A Wilhelm Scream - Interview

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